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Accessories And Options - Quantech 3070TSE Manual

Air-cooled scroll chillers.
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FORM QTC3-EG6 (1118)

Accessories and Options

All options are factory installed unless otherwise noted.
Single-Point Non-Fused Disconnect Switch – Unit-mounted disconnect switch(es) with
external, lockable handle (in compliance with Article 440-14 of N.E.C.) can be supplied to
isolate the unit power voltage for servicing. Separate external fusing must be supplied, by
others in the power wiring, which must comply with the National Electrical Code and/or local
Single-Point Circuit Breaker – A unit mounted circuit breaker with external, lockable han-
dle (in compliance with NEC Article 440-14), can be supplied to isolate the power voltage for
servicing. This option includes the Single-Point Power connection.
Multiple Point Supply With Individual System Circuit Breakers – Two unit-mounted cir-
cuit breakers, with external lockable handles (in compliance with NEC Article 440-14), can
be supplied to isolate the power voltage for servicing. (SQ only.)
Control Transformer – Converts unit power voltage to 115-1-60 (0.5 or 1.0 kVA capacity).
Factory mounting includes primary and secondary wiring between the transformer and the
control panel.
Low Ambient Kit – Standard units will operate to 30°F (-1°C). This accessory includes all
necessary components to permit chiller operation to 0°F (-18°C). (This option includes the
discharge pressure transducer /readout capability option.) For proper head pressure control
in applications below 30°F (-1°C) where wind gusts may exceed 5 mph, it is recommended
that optional condenser louvered enclosure panels also be included.
Language LCD and Keypad Display – Spanish, French, German, and Italian unit LCD
controls and keypad display available. Standard language is English.
Low Temperature Glycol – Replaces standard Thermostatic Expansion Valves with Elec-
tronic Expansion Valves to achieve leaving glycol temperatures as low as 10°F (-12°C). Re-
quired for any leaving liquid temperature below 30°F (-1°C). Electronic Expansion Valves
permit operation at both low temperatures and comfort cooling applications without a capac-
ity loss or derate at either condition.
Chicago Code Relief Valves – Unit will be provided with relief valves to meet Chicago
code requirements.
Service Suction Isolation Valve – Service suction discharge (ball-type) isolation valves
are added to unit per system (discharge service ball-type isolation valve is standard on each
Hot Gas By-Pass – Permits continuous, stable operation at capacities below the minimum
step of compressor unloading to as low as 5% capacity (depending on both the unit and
operating conditions) by introducing an artificial load on the evaporator. Hot gas by-pass is
installed on only refrigerant system #1.


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