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Application Data - Quantech 3070TSE Manual

Air-cooled scroll chillers.
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Application Data

The QTC3 chillers are designed for outdoor installation. When selecting a site for installa-
tion, be guided by the following conditions:
A. For outdoor locations of the unit, select a place having an adequate supply of fresh air
for the condenser.
B. Avoid locations beneath windows or between structures where normal operating
sounds may be objectionable.
C. Installation sites may be either on a roof, or at ground level. (See FOUNDATION.)
D. The condenser fans are the propeller-type, and are not recommended for use with duct
work in the condenser air stream.
E. When it is desirable to surround the unit(s), it is recommended that the screening be
able to pass the required chiller CFM without exceeding 0.1" of water external static
F. Protection against corrosive environments is available by supplying the units with ep-
oxy coating on the condenser coils. The epoxy coils should be offered with any units
being installed at the seashore or where salt spray may hit the unit.
In installations where winter operation is intended and snow accumulations are expected,
additional height must be provided to ensure normal condenser air flow.
Recommended clearances for units are given in the Unit Dimensions on page 26.
When the available space is less, the unit(s) must be equipped with the discharge pres-
sure transducer option to permit high pressure unloading in the event that air recirculation
were to occur.
The unit should be mounted on a flat and level foundation, ground or roof, capable of sup-
porting the entire operating weight of the equipment. Operating weights are given in the
Physical Data and Nominal Ratings on page 22.
Roof Locations – Choose a spot with adequate structural strength to safely support the
entire weight of the unit and service personnel. Care must be taken not to damage the roof
during installation. If the roof is "bonded", consult the building contractor or architect for
special installation requirements. Roof installations should incorporate the use of spring-
type isolators to minimize the transmission of vibration into the building structure.
Ground Level Installations – It is important that the units be installed on a substantial
base that will not settle, causing strain on the liquid lines and resulting in possible leaks.
A one-piece concrete slab with footers extending below the frost line is highly recom-
mended. Additionally, the slab should not be tied to the main building foundation as noises
will telegraph.
FORM QTC3-EG6 (1118)


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