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Cooktop; Daily Cleaning Techniques - Siemens HG2415UC, HG2416UC, HG2515UC, HG2516UC Use And Care Manual

Xtronic gas convection range.
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Daily Cleaning Techniques

The entire range can be safely cleaned by wiping with a
soapy sponge, then rinsing and drying.
Note: The cleaners recommended in this manual
indicate cleaner types and do not constitute an
endorsement of a particular brand. Use all products
according to package directions.
Cooktop Part / Material
Burner Base/ Aluminum
Burner Cap and exterior finish
Porcelain Enamel
Control Knobs and Bezels /
Exterior Finish / Stainless Steel
Grates / Porcelain Enamel on
Cast Iron
Igniters / Ceramic
Cleaning the Cooktop
Cooktop Care Chart
Suggested Cleaners
Detergent and hot water; rinse
and dry.
Abrasive cleansers: Brillo
pads. Rinse and dry.
Hot sudsy water; rinse and dry
Nonabrasive cleansers: Fantastic
Formula 409
Mild abrasive cleansers: Bon Ami
, Comet
Liquid cleaners: Soft Scrub
Reassemble. Make sure that the cap
is seated on the base.
Hot sudsy water; rinse and dry
To remove knobs, place in off
position and pull straight out.
Nonabrasive cleaners: Hot water and
detergent, Fantastic
Formula 409
Rinse and dry immediately.
Cleaner polish: Stainless Steel Magic
to protect the finish from staining
and pitting; enhances appearance.
Hard water spots: Household white
Mild Abrasive Cleaners: Kleen King
stainless steel liquid cleaner, Cameo
aluminum & stainless steel cleaner,
Bon Ami
Heat discoloration: Bar Keepers Friend
Nonabrasive cleaners: Hot water and
detergent, Fantastic, Formula 409.
Rinse and dry immediately.
Mild abrasive cleaners: Bon Ami
Soft Scrub
Carefully wipe with a cotton swab
dampened with water, ammonia or
Formula 409
Gently scrape soil off with a toothpick.
Before cleaning, be certain the burners are turned
off and the grates are cool.
Always use the mildest cleaner that will do the job.
Use clean, soft cloths, sponges or paper towels.
Rub stainless steel finishes in the direction of the
grain. Wipe area dry to avoid water marks.
Do not clean removable cooktop parts in any self-
cleaning oven.
After cleaning, place all parts in their proper
positions before using cooktop.
Important Reminders
Clean ports with a stiff nylon bristle
toothbrush to clean port openings.
or S.O.S.
Do not scratch or gouge the port openings.
Do not use a toothpick; it may break off.
Acidic and sugar-laden spills deteriorate
the porcelain enamel. Remove soil
Do not use wet sponge or towel on hot
Do not soak burner caps.
Always apply minimal pressure with
abrasive cleaners.
Never use oven cleaners, caustic cleaning
agents or abrasive cleaning agents on
exterior of range.
Do not soak knobs.
Do not force knobs onto valve shaft.
Do not use abrasive scrubbers or
cleansers, such as BonAmi
. They may permanently damage
the finish.
Stainless steel resists most food stains and
pit marks providing the surface is kept
clean and protected.
Never allow food stains or salt to remain
on stainless steel for any length of time.
Rub lightly in the direction of polish lines.
Chlorine or chlorine compounds in some
cleaners are corrosive to stainless steel.
Check ingredients on label before using.
The grates are heavy; use care when
lifting. Place on a protected surface.
Blisters / crazing / chips are common due
to the extreme temperatures on grate
fingers and rapid temperature changes.
Acidic and sugar-laden spills deteriorate
the enamel. Remove soil immediately.
Abrasive cleaners, used too vigorously or
too often, can eventually mar the enamel.
Avoid excess water on the igniter. A damp
igniter will prevent burner from lighting.
Remove any lint that may remain after
, Ajax
, or



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