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Oven - Siemens HG2415UC, HG2416UC, HG2515UC, HG2516UC Use And Care Manual

Xtronic gas convection range.
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The oven mode or temperature selected or the
numbers selected do not appear in the display
Oven door is locked and will not release, even
after cooling
Oven is not heating
Oven is not cooking evenly
Oven temperature is too hot or too cold
Oven light is not working properly
Oven light stays on
Cannot remove lens cover on light
Oven will not Self-Clean properly
Clock and timer are not working properly
Porcelain in oven chips
"F" and a number appears in display and
control beeps continuously
With a new range there is a strong odor
when oven is turned on
Self Help - Oven
The knob was turned too rapidly. Turn knob slowly until
correct wording or temperature appears. Review manual
instructions when setting clock, timer, or self-clean.
Turn the oven off at the circuit breaker and wait 5
minutes. Turn breaker back on. The oven should reset
itself and will be operable.
Check the circuit breaker or fuse box to your house. Make
sure there is proper electrical power to the oven. Make
sure the oven temperature has been selected.
Check oven calibration. Adjust calibration if necessary (see
Oven Temperature Offset, Page 7). Refer to cooking charts
for recommended rack position. Always reduce recipe
temperature by 25°F when baking with Convection Bake
The oven thermostat needs adjustment. See Oven
Temperature Offset, Page 7.
Replace or reinsert the light bulb if loose or defective.
Touching the bulb with fingers may cause the bulb to burn
Check for obstruction in oven door. Check to see if hinge is
There may be soil build-up around the lens cover. Wipe
lens cover area with a clean dry towel prior to attempting
to remove the lens cover.
Allow the oven to cool before running Self-Clean. Always
wipe out loose soils or heavy spillovers before running Self-
Clean. If oven is badly soiled, set oven for a five-hour Self-
Clean. See Preparing the Oven to Self-Clean, Page 24.
Make sure there is proper electrical power to the oven.
See the Clock and Timer sections, Pages 5 and 17.
When oven racks are removed and replaced, always tilt
racks upward and do not force them to avoid chipping the
This is a fault code. If a "F" code flashes, press OFF to clear
the display and stop beeping. Reset oven if necessary. If
fault code remains and beep continues, record fault code
number, cancel oven and call authorized service
This is normal with a new range and will disappear after a
few uses. Operating the self-clean cycle will also "burn-off"
the smell more quickly.
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