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Oven; Preparing For Self Clean - Siemens HG2415UC, HG2416UC, HG2515UC, HG2516UC Use And Care Manual

Xtronic gas convection range.
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Self Cleaning the Oven
Siemens ovens feature a self-cleaning function that
eliminates the manual labor involved with cleaning your
oven. During self-cleaning, the oven uses a very high
temperature to burn away food soil and grease.
It is common to see smoke and/or an occasional
flame-up during the Self-Clean cycle, depending on
the content and amount of soil remaining in the
oven. If a flame persists, turn off the oven and allow
it to cool before opening the door to wipe up the
excessive food soil.
In a normal Self-Clean mode, the door does not
lock at the beginning of the cycle; However, it does
lock prior to reaching the high self clean
temperatures. The door lock symbol will appear in
the display at this point. The door will not lock at
the start of the cycle.
The oven light does not operate during this mode.
During Self-Clean, the kitchen should be well
ventilated to help eliminate odors associated with
Self-Clean. Odors will lessen with use.
The preset length of cleaning time is 4 hours. The
range can also be set to clean for 3 or 5 hours.
The mode automatically stops at the end of the clean
When the oven heat returns to a safe temperature
after cleaning, the automatic door lock will release
and the door can be opened.
DO hand
clean frame
DO hand
clean door
area outside
Care and Cleaning - Oven
Preparing the Oven for Self Clean
1. Remove all utensils and bakeware.
2. Remove oven racks. If oven racks are left in the oven
during the self-clean cycle, they will permanently
lose the shiny finish and change to a dull dark
finish. They will also not glide smoothly. See Oven C
leaning Chart for proper care.
3. Wipe up any soft soil spills and grease with paper
towels. Excess grease will cause flames and smoke
inside the oven during self-cleaning.
4. Review illustration below. Some areas of the oven
must be cleaned by hand before the cycle begins.
Use a soapy sponge or plastic scrubber or a
detergent-filled S.O.S.
door edge, oven front frame and up to 1-1/2 inches
inside the frame with detergent and hot water. Do
not clean or rub the gasket on the oven. Rinse all
areas thoroughly then dry.
5. Be sure oven light is turned off and the light bulbs
and lens covers are in place. Do not operate oven
without lightbulb and cover in place.
Do not use commercial oven cleaners on the self-clean
oven or any part; they will damage the finish or part.
pad. Hand clean the oven
To avoid a burn hazard, keep
the oven gasket flexible, not
Do not remove oven bottom.
DO hand clean
1-1/2" from rack
guides to front
of oven cavity.
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