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Siemens HG2415UC, HG2416UC, HG2515UC, HG2516UC Use And Care Manual Page 6

Xtronic gas convection range.
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Important Safety Instructions
Please read all instructions before using this appliance.
• Have an appropriate fire extinguisher available, nearby,
highly visible and easily accessible near the oven.
• Keep the oven free from grease build up.
• Do not place food directly on oven bottom.
• Follow the manufacturer's directions when using
cooking or roasting bags.
• Do not allow anyone to climb, stand, lean, or sit on
any part of the oven, nor to hang on the oven door,
warming drawer, or storage drawer. This can damage
the range, and the unit may tip over, potentially
causing severe injury.
• Do not allow children to use this appliance unless
closely supervised by an adult. Children and pets
should not be left alone or unattended in the area where
the appliance is in use. They should never be allowed to
sit or stand on any part of the appliance or to play in its
vicinity, whether or not the appliance is in use.
Items of interest to children should not be stored in
the range, in cabinets above the range or on the
backsplash of the range. Children climbing on the
range to reach items could be seriously injured.
• If materials inside the oven should ignite, keep
oven door closed.Turn off oven and disconnect the
circuit at the circuit breaker box.
• Use high heat settings on the cooktop only when
necessary. Heat oil slowly on no more than a low-
medium setting, to avoid bubbling and splatter. Hot oil
is capable of causing extreme burns and injury.
• Never move a pan of hot oil, especially a deep fat
fryer. Wait until it is cool.
• Never leave the cooktop unattended. Boilovers
can cause smoke and possibly damage the cooktop.
More importantly, if the burner flames are smothered,
unburned gas will escape into the room. See warning,
page 1.
• After a spill or boilover, turn off the burner and
allow cooktop to cool. Clean around the burner and
burner ports. After cleaning, check for proper
• Hold the handle of the pan to prevent movement
of the utensil when stirring or turning food.
• Use only utensils that are approriate for cooktop
use on the cooktop (See "Cookware Selection Guide",
pg. 27 for further details). Other types of utensils may
break with sudden temperature changes. Use utensils
according to the manufacturer's directions.
• Use only low or medium heat settings when
possible, particularly with pans larger than the grate
or that span more than one burner. Prolonged use of
high heat settings with these types of utensils can
cause poor combustion. Poor combustion results in
harmful by-products.
• Match pan size to size of burner. Undersized pans
expose element to direct contact which could result in
burn or injury. Do not allow flames to spread around or
over the rim of a pan that contains grease. A grease
fire could be ignited.Proper pan size also improves
• Clean cooktop with caution. Be sure all cooktop
controls are turned off and thecooktop is cool before
beginning. Some cleaners can produce noxious fumes
when applied to a hot surface. Sprayed chemicals
could ignite or cause hot metal parts to corrode.
• Keep the ignitor ports clean for proper lighting
performance of the burners. It is necessary to clean
these when there is a boilover or when the burner
does not light even though the electronic ignitors click.
• This range is intended for residential use only.
It is not approved for outdoor use.
• Take care that drafts like those from fans or forced
air vents do not blow flammable material toward
the burners.
• Always position handles of utensils inward so
they do not extend over adjacent work areas, burners
or the edge of the cooktop.
• If you smell gas, your installer has not done a
proper job of checking for leaks. If the connections
are not perfectly tight, you can have a small leak and,
therefore, a faint smell. Finding a gas leak is not a
"do-it-yourself" procedure. Some leaks can only be
found with the burner control in the ON position and
this must be done by a qualified service technician.
See Warning, page. 1.
• Open a window or door in the event that a burner
goes out and gas escapes. Do not attempt to use the
cooktop until the gas has had time to dissipate. Wait
at least five minutes before using the range.
• Always place pan on burner before turning it on. Be
sure you know which knob controls which burner.
When cooking is complete, turn the burner off before
removing the pan.
Self-Cleaning Safety
• Confirm that the door locks and will not open by
pulling gently on it once the door lock icon appears. If
the door does not lock, touch OFF and do not run Self-
Clean. Phone 866-44SIEMENS (447-4363) for service.
Note: During a normal Self-Clean cycle, the door
does not lock at the beginning of the cycle; However,
it does lock prior to reaching the high self-clean
temperatures. In a Delayed Self-Clean cycle, the door
locks immediately. (Continued next page).



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