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Control Panel - Use Instruction - Whirlpool WSI24ABBPH00 Service Manual

Wall monted compact electric dryer 220v / 60hz
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8.1 – Delicate Cycle Button:
The Delicate Cycle Button is used to select the cycle according to the type of clothes the user wants do dry
Keep this button RELEASED to select the Normal cycle.
Keep this button PUSHED to select the Delicate cycle; the indicating light will remain lit in this case.
8.2 – Selector Knob:
The Selector Knob is used to select the desired clothes drying time.
Check the drying times in the Decorative Panel's time chart, turn the Selector in the CLOCKWISE direction
and align the knob mark with the selected time.
8.3 – On/Off Button:
Push the On/Off Button to start the drying process. The indicating light will remain lit to show that the dryer
is operating.
Push the On/Off Button at the end of drying time to turn off the Dryer.
8.4 – Changing the drying program:
Push the On/Off button to turn off the Dryer before changing the drying program. Select the new drying cycle
through the Delicate Cycle knob if applicable. Select then the new drying time by turning the program
selector and pushing the Start/Off knob once more. Turn the Selector only in the CLOCKWISE direction.
8.5 – Lint Filter Cleaning Indication:
The Dryer panel includes an Indicating Light that will remain lit whenever the lint filter needs cleaning due to
the clogging by lint.
MSEX0110i – Wall Mounted Dryer WSI24ABBPH00
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