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Installation Procedure - Whirlpool WSI24ABBPH00 Service Manual

Wall monted compact electric dryer 220v / 60hz
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4.3 – Installation Procedure:
Marking the holes on the Wall:
A - Fix the guide on the wall with the adhesive tape, following the height
recommended below:
For 5-6kg or 7-8kg Whirlpool Washing Machines, please consider at least
157cm, measured from the lower edge, as drawing on the side.
For other washing machines, please consider the maximum height of the
washing machine with its door open, plus 20cm.
To prevent against the desalignment of your Dryer, check the guide
alignment by measuring from its two lower ends to the floor.
B - Use a nail and a hammer to mark the 8 holes on the wall, using the center
of the red circles as reference, on the sides of this Installation Guide.
C - After marking the holes, remove the installation guide from the wall.
D - Check if the distance between the hole marks are in accordance with the measurements indicated in
this guide.
4.3.1 - Drilling the wall:
A - Drill the 8 holes marked on the wall with the electric drill and the 5mm twist drill.
B - Then, repeat the procedure above with the 10mm twist drill.
C - Place the 8 bushings in the holes.
4.3.2 - Assembling the bracket
A - Screw the Bracket Set on the wall using the large screws and
washers, following the figure on the side.
MSEX0110i – Wall Mounted Dryer WSI24ABBPH00
B - Make sure the screws are
completely fixed. For that, even if
the screws are touching the
Bracket Set, keep on screwing
until it is not possible to twist the
open-end wrench.
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