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C Pair The Watch With A Phone; Auto Time Adjustment; Configuring World Time Settings - Casio 5526 Operation Manual

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C Pair the watch with a phone.

Before you can use the watch in combination
with a phone, you first need to pair them.
Move the phone to be paired with close to
(within one meter of) the watch.
Y Tap the "MR-G Connected" icon.
Y Perform the operation shown on the
screen of the phone to be paired with.
If a pairing prompt message appears,
perform the operation shown on the
phone screen.
If pairing fails for some reason, the
watch will return to the state in step 1 of
this procedure. Perform the pairing
procedure again from the beginning.
C mark

Auto Time Adjustment

The watch can be set to adjust its time setting
automatically each day in accordance with the
phone time.
Using Auto Adjust
Your watch adjusts its time setting four times
a day according to a preset schedule. It
performs the adjustment operation
automatically as you go about your daily life,
without any operation required by you.
Operation Guide 5526
The watch may not be able to
perform auto time setting
adjustment under the conditions
described below.
While it is too far away from its
paired phone
While communication is not
possible due to radio interference,
While the phone is updating its
If MR-G Connected is not running
on the phone
If the watch does not indicate the
correct time even if it is able to
connect with a phone, adjust the
hand and day indicator positions.
Adjusting Hand and Day Indicator
If there is a World Time City specified
with MR-G Connected, its time will
also be synchronized automatically.
The watch will connect with the
phone and perform auto time
adjustment at around 12:30 a.m.,
6:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
The connection is automatically
terminated after auto time
adjustment is complete.
Triggering Immediate Time Adjustment
The watch will synchronize its time setting to
that of the phone immediately when they are
connected with each other. Whenever you
want to adjust the watch's time setting based
on your phone's time, perform the procedure
below to connect with a phone.
X Hold down (B) for about 0.5 seconds.
Release the button as soon as the second
hand points to [C].
When the watch connects with a phone,
the second hand will normally move to
[Y(YES)] and then the watch's time setting
will synchronize with the phone's time.
The connection is terminated
automatically after time adjustment is
If time synchronization fails for some
reason, the second hand will move to
Configuring World Time
Specifying a World Time City with MR-G
Connected causes the city's time to be
indicated by the small hour and minute hands.
The standard time/summer time setting of the
World Time will be adjusted automatically
without any watch operation required by you.
MR-G Connected World Time lets
you select from among
approximately 300 cities as the
World Time City.
Selecting a World Time City
Y Tap the "MR-G Connected" icon.
X Hold down the (C) button for about 3.5
This causes the second hand to move to
[C] and establishes a connection between
the watch and phone.
Y Perform the operation shown on the
phone screen. The World Time setting will
be reflected on the watch.
You can determine whether a World
Time is a.m. or p.m. by checking the
position of the small 24-hour hand.
World Time hour and minute
World Time hour (24-hour)