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Casio 5526 Operation Manual

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Operation Guide 5526
(Dual Time)
Adjusting Hand and Day Indicator Alignment



  Summary of Contents for Casio 5526

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    © 2017 CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. MA1802-EB Operation Guide 5526 Contents Using Mobile Link with a Mobile Stopwatch Phone Measuring Elapsed Time Basic Operations Getting Ready Timer A Install the required app on your phone. Watch Face Items B Configure Bluetooth settings.
  • Page 2: Basic Operations

    Operation Guide 5526 Basic Operations Connecting with a Phone ● H Last auto time adjustment result Hold down (C) for about 3.5 seconds to The second hand points to YES or NO to This section provides an overview of the watch establish a connection with a phone.
  • Page 3: Using The Crown

    Operation Guide 5526 Stopwatch Mode Alarm Mode Fast Forward/Fast Reverse ● ● ● The main hour and minute hands indicate the The main hour and minute hands indicate the Crown current time. current time. The second hand, and the small hour and...
  • Page 4: Solar Charging

    Operation Guide 5526 Checking the Charge Level Charging Time Guidelines Solar Charging ● ● Immediately after you press (C) to return to the The table below shows guidelines for Timekeeping Mode, the mode hand will approximate charging times. This watch runs on power supplied from a indicate the battery charge level.
  • Page 5: Auto Time Adjustment

    Operation Guide 5526 Recovering from Power Saving ● If the watch is not showing the correct Using the Watch in a Medical ● Operation time... Facility or Aircraft Press any button, perform a crown operation, If the watch does not indicate the correct time...
  • Page 6: Time Adjustment (Time Calibration Signal)

    Operation Guide 5526 Time Adjustment (Time Appropriate Signal Time Calibration Signal Reception Location Calibration Signal) Reception Ranges A time calibration signal can be received while The watch’s time and day settings can be Time calibration signal reception is supported the watch is near a window.
  • Page 7: Auto Time Calibration Signal Receive

    Operation Guide 5526 Using Mobile Link with Auto Time Calibration Signal Note Receive a Mobile Phone Reception takes anywhere from ● An automatic time calibration signal receive While there is a Bluetooth connection about two minutes to about 10 operation is performed and the time and day...
  • Page 8: C Pair The Watch With A Phone

    Operation Guide 5526 Configuring World Time C Pair the watch with a phone. Important! Settings Before you can use the watch in combination The watch may not be able to with a phone, you first need to pair them. ●...
  • Page 9: Adjusting Hand And Day Indicator Alignment

    Operation Guide 5526 Configuring the Summer Time Setting Swapping Your World Time and Home ● ● Adjusting Hand and Day Time Indicator Alignment Y Tap the “MR-G Connected” icon. Y Tap the “MR-G Connected” icon. X Hold down the (C) button for about 3.5 If the hands and/or day indicator are out of seconds.
  • Page 10: Configuring Watch Settings

    Operation Guide 5526 Changing the Home City Connection X Hold down (C) for about 2 seconds. Summer Time Setting This will cause the watch to enter the Connecting with a Phone Timekeeping Mode. This section explains how to establish a Y Tap the “MR-G Connected”...
  • Page 11: Canceling A Connection With A Phone

    Operation Guide 5526 Adjusting Time Canceling a Connection with a Note Phone Settings Manually Pressing any button terminates the Bluetooth If you are unable to re-pair the watch ● You can use the procedure below to adjust the connection and returns the second hand to its with a phone after unpairing them, watch’s time and day settings when time...
  • Page 12: Adjusting The Time And Day Setting

    Operation Guide 5526 Adjusting the Time and Day Configuring the Summer Rotate the crown to move the second Setting Time Setting (Home City) hand to the desired setting for the year one’s digit. The watch’s current time setting can be Pull out the crown to the second click.
  • Page 13: Dual Time

    Operation Guide 5526 Dual Time Rotate the crown to change the time zone. Hold down (A) for about one second. Dual Time lets you look up the current time in The Dual Time hour and minute hands Each time you hold down (A) for about one various time zones around the globe.
  • Page 14: Stopwatch

    Operation Guide 5526 Stopwatch Timer Using the Timer The stopwatch measures elapsed time in units The timer counts down from a start time Press (A) to start the countdown. of one second up to 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 specified by you. A beeper sounds when the seconds (24 hours).
  • Page 15: Configuring Alarm Settings

    Operation Guide 5526 Illumination Light Adjusting Hand and Configuring Alarm Settings Day Indicator The watch has an LED light that you can turn Pull out the crown to the first click. Alignment on for reading in the dark. When you turn on This turns on the alarm.
  • Page 16: Moving To Another Time Zone

    Operation Guide 5526 Moving to Another Time Press (C). Press (C). Zone Confirm that the small hour hand and Confirm that the day indicator shows 1. small minute hand are stopped at 12 Use the procedure below to easily change day o’clock.
  • Page 17: Other Information

    This section provides non-operational For information about supported phone Countdown range: 24 hours information you also need to know. Refer to models, visit the CASIO Website. Measuring unit: 1 second this information as required. 10-second beeper when the end of the...
  • Page 18: Mobile Link Precautions

    When in a hospital, on an aircraft, or in any criminal offense. For details, visit the CASIO other area where the use of radio waves is not Is the watch’s battery charged? Website.
  • Page 19 For information about supported phone Then on the watch, hold down the MODE models, visit the CASIO Website. button (C) for about 3.5 seconds. Minimize movement of the watch and do not perform any watch operation while a
  • Page 20 Operation Guide 5526 Phone-Watch Connection Auto Time Adjustment by I can’t establish a connection after Bluetooth Connection (Time disabling the watch’s auto time Adjustment) adjustment feature. I can’t establish a connection between the phone and watch. On the watch, enable auto time adjustment,...
  • Page 21 Operation Guide 5526 Alarm Crown Operations The hands suddenly start moving at high speed. The alarm does not sound. Nothing happens when I rotate the This is due to one of the reasons below, and crown. does not indicate malfunction. Simply wait Is the watch’s battery charged?