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Mobile Link Precautions; Copyrights And Registered Copyrights; Troubleshooting - Casio 5526 Operation Manual

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Mobile Link Precautions

Legal Precautions
This watch complies with or has received
approval under the radio laws of various
countries and geographical areas. Using
this watch in an area where it does not
comply with or has not received approval
under applicable radio laws may be a
criminal offense. For details, visit the CASIO
Use of this watch inside of aircraft is
restricted under the aviation laws of each
country. Be sure to follow the instructions of
airline personnel.
Precautions when using Mobile Link
When using this watch in combination with
a phone, keep the watch and phone close
to each other. A range of two meters is
recommended as a guideline, but the local
environment (walls, furniture, etc.), the
structure of a building, and other factors may
require a much closer range.
This watch can be affected by other devices
(electrical devices, audio-visual equipment,
office equipment, etc.) In particular, it can be
affected by operation of a microwave oven.
The watch may not be able to communicate
normally with a phone if a microwave oven
is operating nearby. Conversely, this watch
may cause noise in radio reception and the
video image of a TV.
Bluetooth of this watch uses the same
frequency band (2.4 GHz) as wireless LAN
devices, and use of such devices in close
proximity of this watch may result in radio
interference, slower communication speeds
and noise for the watch and the wireless
LAN device, or even communication failure.
Operation Guide 5526
Stopping Radio Wave Emission by This
The watch is emitting radio waves whenever
the second hand is pointing to [C].
Even if the second hand is not pointing at [C],
the watch will automatically attempt to
connect with a phone four times a day to adjust
its time settings.
When in a hospital, on an aircraft, or in any
other area where the use of radio waves is not
allowed, use the operations below to stop
radio wave generation.
Stopping Radio Wave Generation
Press (C) to terminate the Bluetooth
Disabling Auto Time Adjustment
Configure MR-G Connected settings to
disable synchronization between the watch
and phone.
Using MR-G Connected to Disable Auto
Time Adjustment
Copyrights and Registered
The Bluetooth
word mark and logos are
registered trademarks owned by the
Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such
marks by CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. is
under license.
iPhone and App Store are registered
trademarks of Apple Inc. in the United
States and other countries.
iOS is a trademark or registered trademark
of Cisco Systems, Inc.
are registered trademarks of Samsung
Electronics Co., Ltd.
Android and Google Play
trademarks of Google Inc.
Other company names and product names
used herein are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective companies.
Signal Reception (Time
Calibration Signal)
Is the watch's battery charged?
After disconnection
Is the watch in the Timekeeping Mode?
Is your Home City setting correct for your
After checking the above, the watch still
cannot perform a receive operation.
are registered


The watch cannot perform a receive
Signal reception is not possible while
battery power is low. Keep the watch
exposed to light until it recharges
Solar Charging
The watch cannot receive time calibration
signals while auto adjustment is disabled
or while the watch is in a mode other than
the Timekeeping Mode. Return to the
Timekeeping Mode.
Navigating Between Modes
The watch will not indicate the correct time
if the Home City setting is wrong. Change
your Home City setting so it correctly
reflects your location.
Selecting Your Home City's Time Zone
Time calibration signal reception is not
possible under the conditions described
When watch is at Level 2 power saving
When the crown is pulled out
Timer countdown operation in progress
If successful reception is not possible for
some reason, you can adjust the time and
day settings manually.


Table of Contents