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Intended Use; Safety Information - Siemens DE18307M Installation Instructions Manual

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Intended Use

This appliance is intended for domestic use
and the household environment only.

Safety information

Please read this installation instruction
manual carefully, then act accor dingly!
Store for future reference. These installa-
tion instructions must be included when
transferring this appliance to a new owner.
The appliance may only be connected
and put into operation by a qualified
Install and operate the appliance as de-
scribed in the text and illustrations. We do
not accept liability for damage resulting
from failure to heed these instructions.
The supplied water connection nozzles
must be used and installed as shown in
the supplementary sheets. Make sure that
a check valve is installed in the cold water
supply line.
This appliance is intended for use up to an
altitude of 2000 m above sea level.
The appliance may only be installed and
stored in a frost-free room (due to residual
Risk of electric shock!
Switch off the mains voltage supply
immediately if a fault occurs.
Disconnect the power supply before
opening the appliance.
Immediately shut off the cold water
supply to the appliance should it leak.
The statutory regulations of the respective
country, as well as those of the local electric-
ity and water suppliers, must be adhered to.
The continuous-flow heater is a Class I
appliance and must be connected to the
protective earth.
Caution: Earthed water pipes may give the
appearance of a connected protective earth.
The appliance must be permanently
connected to installed pipes. The conduc-
tor cross-section must comply with the
installed appliance power.
To guarantee compliance to relevant safety
regulations, an all-pole separator must
be fitted during installation. The contact
opening must be at least 3 mm.
The continuous-flow heater is only suitable
for closed (pressurised) operation.
The tap and outlet fittings must be ap-
proved for operation with closed (pressur-
ised) continuous-flow heater systems.
The continuous-flow heater can be oper-
ated with cold or pre-warmed water (for
example, from a solar energy unit water
supply). Observe the technical data and
the special accessories for this purpose.
The water's specific electrical resistivity
must not be less than 1 300 Ωcm. Ask the
local water utility company regarding the
electrical resistivity of the water.
The continuous-flow heater is suitable for
connection to DVGW-tested plastic pipes.
Disconnect the electrical connection
cable from the supply and shut off the
water supply before connecting the
Connect the water supply and then
connect the electrical supply.
Only make the openings which are re-
quired for installation on the rear of the
appliance. If the appliance is reinstalled,
the unused openings must be provided
with watertight sealing.
Do not touch electrically live parts after
Do not use aggressive or abrasive cleaning
Do not use a steam cleaner.

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Table of Contents