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Spin Speed; Cycle Options; Selecting Options; Stain Treatment Options - Electrolux 300 SERIES Use & Care Manual

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Spin Speed

Max (on select models), high, medium
and low (on some models) spin speeds
are available for each cycle. The spin
speed and/or duration of final spin vary
from model to model and cycle to cycle.
Increasing the spin speed will extract more
water, decrease drying time and conserve
energy. Decreasing the spin speed will
reduce wrinkling.
Select low spin speed (on some models) to
gently spin items that should be line dried.
Use no spin to omit the final spin at the
end of the cycle. The load will be very wet.
Remove items from the wash drum to drip
dry or select a spin only cycle to remove
excess water at a more convenient time.

Cycle Options

The default options for each cycle will
automatically be chosen when a cycle is
selected. To protect fabrics, not all options
are available for all cycles. If an option is
not available for a cycle, the indicator will
not light.

Selecting Options

Press the option button to scroll though
the options until the indicator light for the
desired option flashes, then press select.
The indicator light will illuminate when
the option has been selected. Follow the
same steps to deselect an option. The
indicator light will turn off when the option
is deselected.
If changes to the settings or options are
attempted after the cycle starts, you will
hear several beeps when the buttons are
pressed. To change the settings or op-
tions, press start/pause, make the new
selections and press start/pause again.
All settings or options selected for the
cycle, except sanitize (on select models),
perfect steam
(on select models),
and stain treatment options, will be
remembered and recalled each time that
cycle is selected in the future. To return to
factory settings, press and hold soil and
options buttons at the same time and
hold for 3 seconds until the confirmation
signal sounds. To prevent unintentional
Controls and Settings
and accidental exposure of delicate mate-
rial to excess heat or unexpected steam,
the sanitize, perfect steam
stain treatment options will need to be
reselected each time.

Stain Treatment options

(on select models)
Your washer is equipped with powerful
stain treatment tools. Depending on your
model, use one of the options below to
deal with tough stains on your garments.
See step 5 in the Operating Your Washer
section in this guide for details on adding
stain additives to the dispenser.
StainTreat (400 Series Washer)
Select this option to add a short initial
wash period to available cycles using
the stain treatment additives in the stain
soak/treat compartment. After the stain
wash phase, the load will automatically
advance to the main wash cycle.
StainTreatII (500 Series Washer)
Select this option when available and
rotate the cycle selector to rotate through
the stain types below. Stain treatment and
main detergent will recirculate in the agitat-
ing load for approximately 20 minutes and
then the washer will advance to the main
wash cycle.
• Any Stain
Recirculating wash solution will be
heated by boost heater.
• Blood
Recirculating wash solution will NOT
be heated by boost heater to prevent
setting blood stains.
• Chocolate
Stain wash time is extended with additional
heating by boost heater.
StainSoak (600 Series Washer)
Similar to StainTreatII above with the
added feature of detergent/treatment
mixing with SmartBoost pump technol-
ogy before the Stain washing phase.
perfect steam
Select this option to add approximately 20
minutes of tumbling in steam.
• Steam may not necessarily be visible
inside drum during a steam wash cycle.
• Steam may not be present during entire
steam wash cycle.
and all
(on select models)

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Table of Contents

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