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Hot; Warm; Cold; Tap Cold (On Select Models) - Electrolux 300 SERIES Use & Care Manual

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Table of Contents
18 Controls and Settings
To protect your fabrics, not all temperatures
are available with every cycle. If a tem-
perature is not appropriate for the cycle,
it cannot be selected and will not be lit by
pressing the temp button.
The temperature selected for the cycle
will be remembered and recalled each
time that cycle is selected in the future.
All wash water temperatures are auto-
matically regulated to maximize deter-
gent effectiveness and improve washing
performance. The water heater setting and
its distance from the washer, water usage in
other parts of the home, and seasonally low
ground water temperature in some geo-
graphic areas can affect water temperature.
sanitize (on select models)
Use the sanitize setting to clean and
sanitize heavily soiled, colorfast fabrics
including towels, bedding, cloth diapers,
and children's clothing.
It is recommended that you set your water
heater to 120° F (49° C) or higher to en-
sure proper performance during this cycle.
If the setting is lower or the load is extra
large, the cycle time may be extended.
When used with the heavy duty and
whitest whites cycles, the sanitize setting
will kill 99.9% of bacteria with no carryover
of bacteria between loads. No bleach or
harsh chemicals are needed, but higher
temperatures are required. Please check
fabric care labels to prevent damage.
The heavy duty and whitest whites with
sanitize setting cycles have been de-
signed to meet the requirements of NSF
P172 protocol for sanitization efficacy.
If the voltage at your outlet is under 110v,
the internal heater may not adequately
heat the wash water. If the cycle is inter-
rupted while the water is heating, the
final temperature of the wash water may
be lower and sanitation may be reduced.
is a registered trademark of Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati OH, used under license by Electrolux.
NSF Protocol P172
Sanitization Performance of Residential
and Commercial, Family-Sized Clothes
The wash water is heated by an internal
boost heater to a maximum of 152° F (67° C)
as the load tumbles. Cold water is added to
cool down the load prior to drain and spin.
As a precaution, the washer door remains
locked when the water temperature
reaches 130° F (55° C)
If the wash cycle is paused or cancelled
while the internal drum temperature
is above 130° F (55° C), the door will
remain locked until it cools. You may
manually perform a rinse & spin cycle to
cool the internal temperature sooner.


Use this setting for heavily soiled white or
colorfast cottons and blends.


Use this setting for normally soiled white
or colorfast cottons or blends.


Some warm water will automatically blend
with cold tap supply to achieve a precise
cold. Use this setting for lightly soiled
non-colorfast items, knits, delicates,
and hand washables.

tap cold (on select models)

Wash and rinse temperatures are
equivalent to temperature of cold tap
supply. Use this selection for fabrics
and colors that are prone to dye transfer.
For use with cold water
The washer will ALWAYS use a small
amount of HOT water to dissolve the
pack when the PODS
Soil Level
Adjust the wash time based on the soil
level of each load. Solid soil (on select
models), max (on select models), heavy,
normal, light and extra light (on some
models) soil levels are available.
option has been

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Table of Contents

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