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Before Calling - Electrolux 300 SERIES Use & Care Manual

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Table of Contents

Before Calling

Before calling for service, review this list. It may save both time and expense. The list
includes common occurrences that are not the result of defective workmanship or mate-
rials in this washer.
Please refer to "Normal Operating Sounds" at the beginning of this section
High pitch "jet
• A certain amount of motor
engine" noise
Rattling and
• Foreign objects such as
clanking noise
• Belt buckles and metal
Thumping sound • Heavy wash loads may
Vibrating noise
• Washer is not resting firmly
• Shipping bolts and foam
• Wash load unevenly distrib-
Residue left in
• Heavily soiled items.
LED displays
• Washer has been pro-
Washer won't
• Load is too small.
whine is normal during the
spin cycle.
coins or safety pins may be
in drum or pump.
fasteners are hitting wash
produce a thumping sound.
This is usually normal. If
sound continues, washer is
probably out of balance.
on floor.
block have not been re-
moved during installation.
uted in drum.
grammed to temporarily
perform a repeating demo
Before Calling
• Stop washer and check drum. If no
objects are found, perform cycle
with empty drum. If noise contin-
ues, item may be in pump. Call
your authorized service technician.
• To prevent unnecessary noise and
damage to drum, fasten fasteners
and turn items inside out.
• Stop washer and redistribute wash
• Move washer so it rests firmly on
floor. Adjust leveling legs. See
Installation Instructions for details.
• See Installation Instructions for
removing shipping bolts and foam
• Stop washer and rearrange wash
• Wipe drum with a nonabrasive
household cleanser, then rinse.
Shake or brush excess dirt and
sand from items before washing.
• Reset the unit back to factory
default settings.
1. Press power to turn off unit.
Press power again to turn unit
on. Look for console to light up.
2. Wait at least 10 seconds, then
simultaneously press and hold
soil and options buttons for 3
3. Lights will turn OFF and ON,
indicating the unit has been reset
to factory default
• Add 1 or 2 similar items to help
balance the load.

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Table of Contents

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