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Wash Cycle Options; Other Features; Extra Rinse; Led Display - Electrolux 300 SERIES Use & Care Manual

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Table of Contents
20 Controls and Settings
• If steam is selected, rinse tempera-
tures will be elevated.
• If the wash cycle is paused or can-
celled during a steam cycle, the door
will remain locked until it cools. You
may manually perform a rinse & spin
cycle to cool the internal temperature
• During a steam cycle, steam exiting
from the rear vent of the washer is
normal and not cause for alarm.

Wash Cycle Options

extra rinse

Use this option when additional rinsing is
desired to remove excess dirt and detergent.
It is recommended for heavily soiled loads or
if household members have sensitive skin.
wrinkle release (on select models)
After the final spin, the washer will perform
a "dry" agitation to loosen the garments
from the side of the drum.
extended refresh (on select models)
Select extended refresh if you will be
unable to remove the load right after the
cycle is complete. The washer recognizes
the load has sat too long and will do a
rinse and spin to keep the load fresh for
up to 12 hours. When you are ready to
remove the load during the extended
refresh segment, you must press cancel
to end the cycle and open the door.
(on select models)
Select this option when using a detergent
pack in a model equipped with a PODS
button (on select dispenser only). This
option will divert the flow of water to the
detergent pack compartment optimizing
the detergent pack performance.
Control Options
control lock
To lock the controls between cycles,
scroll to the control lock option and
press select. The control lock icon
will show on the LED display. To unlock the
controls scroll to the control lock option again
and press select. Use this feature to reduce
the likelihood of accidental operation by chil-
dren. Washer cycles will not run when
Control Lock is activated.
is a registered trademark of Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati OH, used under license by Electrolux.
delay time
Use delay time to delay the
start of the washing cycle from
30 minutes to 12 hours. After
selecting the delay time option,
press select button to scroll to the desired
delay time. The delay time icon will il-
luminate on the LED display to indicate the
delay time option is activated, The time
will begin counting down on the LED display
once the washer start/pause button has
been pressed.
A signal will sound at the end of each
cycle (and periodically during extended
refresh) if option is activated.
To mute or unmute the chime, press and
hold the select button for 3 sec. This will
not affect any of the other button tones.
hold 'select' 3 s to mute/unmute

Other Features

LED display

Icons may vary according to model.
The estimated total cycle time will be dis-
played when the cycle is selected. The time
may increase if water pressure is low, over-
sudsing occurs or the load becomes unbal-
anced. The approximate time remaining will
be displayed during the cycle. As the washer
progresses through the cycle phases, the
row of cycle phase indicators lights up under
the cycle time. The eco, control lock, close
door, mute (some models) and delay time
will also appear on this LED display.

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Table of Contents

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