Water Inlet Hose Inspection; Reconnecting Water Supply And Electrical; Grounding Type Wall Receptacle - Electrolux 300 SERIES Use & Care Manual

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Care & Cleaning
Water Inlet Hose
Periodically inspect all water inlet hoses
for water leaks, wear, cuts, corrosion and
bulges. Replace all hoses, if any sign of
the above is visible. All hoses should be
replaced every 5 years to reduce the risk
of hose failures. When replacing hoses,
refer to the Installation Instructions for
proper installation. DO NOT overtighten or
cross thread the fittings. DO NOT allow the
hose to rub against sharp objects. Always
ensure the hose fitting rubber gasket is
installed and free from water leaks when
water pressure is applied.
Rubber Washers
Must Be Present
Replace Hoses Every 5 Years
See the Accessories section of the
Installation Instructions for ordering
Instructions for Limited
Use, Vacation, and Away
from Home
Your washer should be operated ONLY
when you are home. Water leakage is a
safety issue and can cause personal in-
jury or property damage. If you are away
from home or not using your washer for
extended periods of time, follow these
1. Turn off the water supply to washer
to avoid water leaks due to water
pressure surges and unforeseen
occurrences in the water supply.
2. Disconnect or unplug the electrical
power to the washer.
3. Remove excess water from the
dispenser, interior door and tub and
perform the Care and Cleaning steps.
Reconnecting Water
Supply and Electrical
When reinstalling the washer after dis-
connecting the water supply lines and
electrical power, please follow the steps
1. Review the Installation Instructions
provided with the washer to ensure
the appliance is level and the water
and electrical power supply is properly
2. Ensure the water lines are flushed of
debris, prior to connecting the water
lines to the washer inlet.
3. Check for water leaks and replace
supply hoses if needed.
Damaged or improperly installed water lines
can cause the water lines or connections
to leak. Water leakage is a safety issue
and can cause personal injury or property
Improper grounding of the washer may
cause serious injury or death. Check with
a licensed electrician if you are in doubt
as to whether the appliance is properly

Grounding type wall receptacle

Do not, under
any circumstances,
cut, remove,
or bypass the
grounding prong.
Power cord with
3-prong grounded plug

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Table of Contents

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