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Electrolux 300 SERIES Use & Care Manual page 35

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Table of Contents
Warm or hot wa-
• Hot water heater is set too
ter is not hot
• Hot water is being used
Water in washer
• Drain hose is kinked or
does not drain or
drains slowly
• Drain hose standpipe is too
• House drain pipes are
Water leaks
• Fill hose connection is loose
• Dispenser drawer not com-
• Water hoses have damage,
• HE detergent is not being
• Too much detergent.
Incorrect wash
• Hot and cold water hoses
and rinse tem-
peratures. The
LED display will
alert this condi-
tion with "HOSE"
Water is entering
• Drain hose standpipe is too
washer but tub
does not fill
low or is a distance from
elsewhere in the house.
tall. Maximum standpipe
height is 8' (2.4 m).
at faucet or washer.
pletely closed
cuts or corrosion.
are connected to wrong
supply faucets.
low. Standpipe must be a
min of 23.6" (60 cm) high to
prevent siphoning.
Before Calling
• Measure hot water temperature at
nearby faucet with candy or meat
thermometer. Water temperature
should be at least 120°F (49°C).
Adjust water heater as necessary.
• Avoid using hot water elsewhere
before or during washer use. There
may not be enough hot water avail-
able for proper cleaning. If problem
persists, your hot water system
may be unable to support more
than 1 use at a time.
• Clean and straighten the drain
• Reduce standpipe height to less
than 8' (2.4 m). See Installation
Instructions .
• Unclog drain pipes. Contact
plumber if necessary.
• Check and tighten hose connec-
tions. Install rubber sealing washers
• Close dispenser drawer completely.
• Replace hoses.
• Run rinse cycle. Use a low-sudsing,
high efficiency detergent.
• Run rinse cycle. Use less detergent
in future loads.
• Connect hot water hose to hot
water faucet and cold water hose
to cold water faucet.
• Increase standpipe height to at
least 23.6" (60 cm). See Installation
Instructions .

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Table of Contents

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