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34 Before Calling
Washer does not
Water collects in
folds of the door
gasket at the
end of the cycle
Water collects in
bleach and fab-
ric softener com-
Wash load too
wet after spin
Water does not
enter washer or
it enters slowly
• Electrical power cord may
not be plugged in or con-
nection may be loose.
• House fuse blown, circuit
breaker tripped, or a power
outage has occurred.
• Action of pressing start/
pause button on "touch
screen" style console not
• Water supply faucets are not
turned on.
• Motor is overheated. Washer
motor will stop if overheated.
• Door may be open. Unit will
not operate with door open.
• Light next to start/pause
button is flashing indicating
unit is paused.
• This is a result of the wash-
ing action and is part of
the normal operation of the
• This is a result of the siphon-
ing action and is part of
the normal operation of the
• Washer is overloaded.
• Load is too small.
• Load is out of balance.
• Drain hose is kinked.
• Water supply is not ad-
equate in area.
• Water supply faucets are not
completely open.
• Water is being used else-
where in the house. Water
pressure must be at least 30
psi (260 kPa).
• Water inlet hoses are kinked.
• Water inlet screens plugged.
• Make sure plug fits tightly in wall
• Reset circuit breaker or replace
fuse. DO NOT increase fuse capac-
ity. If problem is a circuit overload,
have it corrected by a qualified
electrician. If problem is a power
outage, call local electric company.
• Press start/pause button with
bare fingertip.
• Turn on water supply faucets.
• It will automatically restart after
a cool down period of up to 30
minutes (if washer has not been
manually turned off).
• Ensure door is closed.
• Press start/pause button to con-
tinue the cycle.
• Wipe and dry the gasket to remove
water and any debris remaining in
the gasket after use.
• Water may be removed by removing
the dispenser drawer (see Care and
Cleaning in this guide) and draining
water into the empty drum or sink.
• DO NOT overload washer. See
Operating Your Washer.
• Add 1 or 2 similar items to help
balance load.
• Rearrange load to allow proper
• Straighten drain hose.
• Check another faucet in the house.
Wait until water supply and pres-
sure increase.
• Fully open hot and cold faucets.
• Avoid running water elsewhere
while washer is filling.
• Straighten hoses.
• Remove hose from inlets and clean

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Table of Contents

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