Eco Indicator; Oversuds Protection; Reversed Hose Detection; Drum Light (On Select Models) - Electrolux 300 SERIES Use & Care Manual

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Eco Indicator

The eco symbol will light up on
the LED display to indicate that
the selected combination of temperature,
spin speed and options are eco friendly.

Oversuds Protection

A situation where oversudsing has been
detected by the washer will result in the
washer requiring additional rinses until the
suds have been cleared. Each extra rinse
the washer performs to clear the suds
will add approximately 5 minutes to the
cycle duration. The LED will display "SU"
followed by "dS" and then the remaining
cycle time (0 min) for 60 seconds and then
repeat. Press cancel to turn off the alert
message. The washer will continue to per-
form rinse cycles until suds are removed.
(60 sec loop)

Reversed Hose Detection

If condition is detected where the inlet
hoses have been installed incorrectly (hot
supply to cold inlet and cold supply to hot
inlet), the washer will alert you. The LED
will display "HO" followed by "SE" and then
the remaining cycle time (0 min) for 60 sec-
onds and then repeat. Acknowledge the
reversed hose condition by pressing the
cancel button. Shut off each water supply
valve and attach each supply hose to the
correct inlet connection on the washer.
(60 sec loop)

Drum Light (on select models)

The drum light will come on whenever
the door is opened to illuminate the drum
during loading and unloading. Closing
the door turns off the light. The drum light
will automatically turn off if the door is left
open more than 3 minutes.
Reversible Door (on select models)
Your washer may be equipped with a
reversible door. The door can be hinged
on the right or left side.
Controls and Settings
For step-by-step instructions on door
reversal, refer to the Installation Instruc-
tions supplied with this washer.
Door Stand Ventilation
Help prevent odor buildup and reduce
humidity between washes by utilizing your
washer's door stand ventilation feature.
Open the door, locate the stand below the
door latch and rotate the stand counter-
clockwise to unlock it.
If unable to rotate the stand by hand, a
coin or flat blade screw driver can be used.
The stand is spring loaded and will extend.
Rotate it clockwise to lock in the extended
To disengage the stand, rotate to unlock,
push the stand in and rotate to lock position.
If door stand will not turn to locked posi-
tion, fully turn it to unlock position and
try to lock again.

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Table of Contents

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