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Detergent Pack; Adding Other Wash Products; Stain Treatment (On Select Models); Liquid Chlorine Bleach - Electrolux 300 SERIES Use & Care Manual

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Table of Contents
12 Operating Instructions

Detergent Pack

For 300 and 400 series models
Add detergent pack directly to the empty
drum BEFORE placing laundry into the unit.
into the detergent drawer. The gel coat-
ing may cause the detergent drawer to
become clogged.
For 500 and 600 series models
Add the recommended quantity of (one
or two) high efficiency detergent packs to
the detergent pack compartment in the
• DO NOT place more than two packs
into the dispenser.
• When using the fast wash cycle, only
one detergent pack should be used.
Keep detergent packs away from children.
• When using the detergent
pack compartment, make
sure to select the PODS
option before starting the load.
• Once the PODS
chosen, the washer will retain the
• The washer will ALWAYS use a small
amount of HOT water to dissolve the
pack when the PODS
been selected.
From time to time you may see water in
the dispenser. This is part of the normal
operation of the washer.

Adding Other Wash Products

• Color-safe bleach, water conditioner,
detergent booster and enzyme products
may be added with detergent.
is a registered trademark of Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati OH, used under license by Electrolux.
place detergent packs directly
option has been
setting until manually changed.
option has
• Put liquid products in the Main Wash
- liquid detergent compartment or
powder products in the Main Wash -
powder detergent compartment.
DO NOT mix liquids and powders.

Stain Treatment (on select models)

• For heavily soiled or stained loads, select
the Stain option (on select models only -
StainTreat, StainTreatII, or StainSoak) and
add the recommended amount of deter-
gent or stain treatment to stain soak/treat
compartment (on select models).
• See Cycle Options for information about
Stain options for your model.
• See Stain Removal Guide in this instruc-
tion for additional suggestions.
Use of multi-product (detergent plus soft-
ener) sheets or color-absorbing sheets
NOT recommended. They could disable
your machine and result in unwarranted
repair costs.

Liquid Chlorine Bleach

• If desired, add liquid chlorine bleach to
the compartment labeled Liquid Bleach
and marked with this symbol:
• DO NOT fill above the MAX fill line.
• Add color-safe bleach with detergent.
To prevent fabric damage, DO NOT over-
fill the "Liquid Bleach" compartment or
pour bleach directly onto the load.
Liquid Fabric Softener
• If desired, pour the recommended
amount of liquid fabric softener into the
compartment labeled Fabric Softener
and marked with this symbol:
• DO NOT fill above the MAX fill line.
To prevent staining, DO NOT overfill Fab-
ric Softener compartment or pour liquid
fabric softener directly on wash load.
• Use of a fabric softener-dispensing ball is
not recommended in front load washers.

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Table of Contents

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