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Replacing The Storage Drive - Lenovo ThinkCentre M720s 10ST User Manual And Hardware Maintenance Manual

Thinkcentre m720s series


Table of Contents
Figure 31. Installing the optical drive assembly
5. Connect the signal and power connector to the new optical drive.
6. Complete the replacement. See "Completing the parts replacement" on page 68.

Replacing the storage drive

Attention: Do not open your computer or attempt any repairs before reading the Important Product
Information Guide.
Replacing the 3.5–inch primary storage drive
1. Remove the computer cover. See "Removing the computer cover" on page 24.
2. Remove the front bezel. See "Replacing the front bezel" on page 25.
3. Disconnect the storage drive cables from the system board.
4. Replace the 3.5–inch primary storage drive.
Note: Ensure that you disconnect or reconnect the storage drive cables during the replacement.
Figure 32. Opening the drive bay
Chapter 4
Replacing hardware

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents