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Replacing The Mouse Or Wireless Mouse - Lenovo ThinkCentre M720s 10ST User Manual And Hardware Maintenance Manual

Thinkcentre m720s series


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Figure 11. Replacing the wireless keyboard
4. Take out the USB dongle from the keyboard compartment or from the wireless mouse compartment and
connect it to an available USB connector on the computer.
5. Close the compartment cover. The keyboard is ready for use.

Replacing the mouse or wireless mouse

Note: The wireless mouse is available only on some models.
Replacing the mouse
1. Turn off the computer and disconnect all power cords from electrical outlets.
2. Disconnect the old mouse cable from the computer.
3. Connect a new mouse to the appropriate connector on the computer.
Figure 12. Replacing the mouse
Replacing the wireless mouse
1. Disconnect the USB dongle from your computer. Then, remove your old wireless mouse.
2. Take out the new wireless mouse from the package.
3. Open the battery compartment cover, and install two AAA batteries according to the polarity indicators.
Chapter 4
Replacing hardware

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents