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Attaching A Kensington-Style Cable Lock; Attaching A Smart Cable Clip - Lenovo ThinkCentre M720s 10ST User Manual And Hardware Maintenance Manual

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Figure 6. Enabling or disabling the E-lock

Attaching a Kensington-style cable lock

You can use a Kensington-style cable lock to secure your computer to a desk, table, or other nonpermanent
fixture. The cable lock connects to the security-lock slot at the rear of your computer. Depending on the type
selected, the cable lock can be operated with a key or combination. The cable lock also locks the buttons
used to open the computer cover. This is the same type of lock used with many notebook computers. You
can order such a cable lock directly from Lenovo by searching for Kensington at:
Figure 7. Attaching a Kensington-style cable lock

Attaching a smart cable clip

A smart cable clip can be used to secure devices, such as the keyboard and the mouse, by locking the
device cables to the computer. The smart cable clip connects to the cable-lock slots on the rear of the
computer. To install a smart cable clip, do the following:
1. Insert the clip
into the cable-lock slot
2. Pull the cables you want to lock through the dents in the smart cable clip.
3. Press the clip
into the cable-lock slot
ThinkCentre M720s User Guide and Hardware Maintenance Manual
until it snaps into position.

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