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Silvercrest SAVK 2000 A1 Operating Instructions Manual page 8

Component av cable
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Never make a knot in the connection cable and do not bind it
together with other cables. The connection cable should be layed
in such a manner so as to avoid anyone stumbling over it.
Damaged cables or connections should be replaced by authorised
qualifi ed personnel or by the Customer Service department.
This device is not intended for use by individuals (including
children) with restricted physical, physiological or intellectual
abilities or defi ciences in experience and/or knowledge unless
they are supervised by a person responsible for their safety or
receive from this person instruction in how the device is to be used.
Only permit children to use the device under supervision.
Protect the device from moisture and liquid penetration. Never
submerse the device in water.
Pull the device's plug from the mains power supply before every
cleaning. There is a risk of receiving an electric shock!
The device is intended for internal use only.
The device must only be connected to an approved mains power
socket installation.
The mains power socket must be easily accessible so that in an
emergency the power plug can be quickly disconnected.
The device consumes power even when no charging device is
connected to it. Therefore the device should be disconnected
from the mains power supply when not in use. To completely
disconnect from the mains power supply, i.e. in the event of an
emergency, the device must be pulled from the mains power socket.
SAVK 2000 A1



Table of Contents

Table of Contents