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Intended Use - Silvercrest SAVK 2000 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Component av cable
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Intended use

This product is designed exclusively for connection of an iPod, iPhone
or iPad to the Composite video connection and analogue audio
connections of a television set and/or a stereo receiver. Via the
USB plug, which can be connected to a computer or to the supplied
mains adapter, the contents of an iPad, iPhone or iPod are synchro-
nised and/or the rechargeable batteries are charged.
The product can be used with all devices from the iPod, iPhone and
iPad family.
This product is intended for private use only and not for commercial
applications. Any other or unintended use is regarded as improper use
and can lead to damages. Claims of any kind for damage resulting
from unintended use will not be accepted.
The operator alone bears liability.
iPod, iPhone and iPad are trade names of Apple Inc., registered in
the USA and other countries. "Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad" means
that an electronic accessory is specially designed for connection to
an iPod, iPhone or iPad and the developer therefore warrants that
the device corresponds to Apple's performance standards. Apple is
not responsible for the operation of this device or for adherence to
the safety and regulation standards. Please be advised that use of this
accessory with an iPod, iPhone or iPad can aff ect the performance of
wireless communication.
SAVK 2000 A1



Table of Contents

Table of Contents