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Safety; Safety Instructions - Silvercrest SAVK 2000 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Component av cable
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Check the contents to ensure that they are complete and for
visible damage.
If the delivery is not complete or is damaged due to defective
packaging or through transportation contact the Service
Hotline (see chapter Service).
In this chapter you receive important safety information regarding
the handling of the device.

Safety instructions

Never open the device housing there are no serviceable parts
inside! If the housing is opened, there is a risk of receiving a
potentially fatal electric shock.
In the event of a storm and/or thunderstorm devices attached to
a mains power supply can suff er damages. Therefore disconnect
the device from the mains power supply during thunderstorms.
Before use check the device for visible external damage. Do not
put into operation a device that is damaged or has been dropped.
Always grasp the connection cable by the plug. Do not pull on
the cable itself and never touch the connection cable with wet
hands, this could result in a short circuit or you receiving an
electrical shock.
Do not subject the device to sprays or dripping water and do not
place liquid fi lled objects, such as vases or open drink containers,
in the vicinity of the device.
Do not place any objects, furniture or similar on the connection
cable and make sure that the cable is not trapped.
SAVK 2000 A1



Table of Contents

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