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Start And Stop; Control Before Starting - Husqvarna 101 90 47-26 142RB/152RB Operator's Manual

101 90 47-26 142rb/152rb operator's manual
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Control before starting

For reasons of safety follow
these recommendations!
• Check the blade to ensure
that no cracks have formed
at the bottom of the teeth
or by the centre hole. The
most common reason why
cracks are formed is that
sharp corners have been
formed at the bottom of
the teeth while sharpening
or that the blade has been
used with dull teeth.
Discard a blade if cracks
are found.
• Check that the support
flange is not cracked due
to fatigue or due to being
tightened too much.
Discard the support flange
if it is cracked.
• Ensure the locking nut has
not lost its captive force.
The nut lock should have
a locking force of at least
1.5 Nm. The tightening
torque of the locking nut
should be 35-50 Nm.
• Check that the guard is
not damaged or cracked.
Replace the guard if it is
exposed to impact or is
• Check that the trimmer
head and spray guard are
not damaged or cracked.
Replace the trimmer head
or spray guard if they are
exposed to impact or are
• Never use the machine without a guard or spray guard nor
with a defective guard.

Start and stop

The complete clutch cover with shaft
must be fitted before the machine is
started, otherwise the clutch can become
loose and cause personal injury.
Always move the machine from the filling
area before starting. Place the machine on
a flat surface. Ensure the cutting equip-
ment cannot come into contact with any
object. Make sure no unauthorised
persons are in the working area, other-
wise there is a risk of serious personal
injury. The safety distance is 15 metres.
– English
Cold engine
IGNITION: Set the stop
switch to the start position.
CHOKE: Set the choke
control in the choke posi-
AIR PURGE: Prime with
fuel by pressing the dia-
phragm repeatedly until fuel
begins to run back into the
tank through the transparent
fuel hose.
Warm engine
Use the same starting
procedure as for the cold
engine, but do not set the
choke control in the choke
position. Set the throttle to
the start position by pressing
the throttle trigger and then
pressing the red button next
to the stop button.
Stop the engine by switching
the stop switch to the stop
Press the machine body
against the ground using
your left hand (NOTE! Not
your foot). Grip the starter
handle, slowly pull out the
cord with your right hand
until you feel some resist-
ance (the starter pawls grip),
now quickly and powerfully
pull the cord.
Reset the choke control as
soon as the engine fires and
repeat until the engine starts.
When the engine starts
quickly apply full throttle
and the start throttle will
automatically disengage.
NOTE! Do not pull the
starter cord out completely
and do not release the starter
cord from the fully extended
position. This can damage
the machine.
When the engine is started with the choke
in the choke or start position the cutting
equipment starts to rotate immediately.


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