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Cutting Equipment - Husqvarna 101 90 47-26 142RB/152RB Operator's Manual

101 90 47-26 142rb/152rb operator's manual
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6. Cutting equipment

This section describes how through correct maintenance and
through using the right type of cutting equipment you can:
• Reduce the machine's tendency to kickback
• Obtain maximum cutting capacity.
• Increase the service life of the cutting equipment.
The three basic rules:
1)Only use the cutting
and guard equipment
we recommend! See
chapter "Technical
2)Keep the blade's teeth
well and correctly
sharpened! Follow our
instructions and use the
recommended filing
gauge. An incorrectly
sharpened or damaged
blade increases the risk
of an accident.
3)Check the cutting
equipment with regard
to damage and crack
formation. Damaged
cutting equipment
should always be
7. Quick-release
• Check that the harness
straps are correctly
positioned. When the
harness and machine are
adjusted, check the harness'
safety release catch to
ensure it works correctly.
8. Locking nut
• Protect your hand from
injury when assembling,
use the blade guard as
protection when tightening
with a socket spanner.
Tighten the nut by turning
against the direction of
rotation. Loosen the nut by
turning in the direction of
rotation. (NOTE! the nut
has a left-hand thread).
• Tighten the nut using a
socket spanner, 35 - 50
Nm (3.5 - 5 kpm).
The locking nut's nylon lock
must not be so worn that it
can be turned by hand. The
lock shall hold at least 1.5
Nm. The nut should be
replaced after it has been put
on approx. 10 times.
Never use a machine with defective
safety equipment. The safety equipment
should be maintained as described in
this section. If your machine does not
meet any of these controls you should
contact your service workshop.
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