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Husqvarna 101 90 47-26 142RB/152RB Operator's Manual page 12

101 90 47-26 142rb/152rb operator's manual
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Grass trimming using the trimmer head
• Hold the trimmer head
just above the ground at
an angle. It is the end of
the cord that carries out
the work. Let the cord
work at its own pace. Do
not press the cord into the
area to be cut.
• The cord can easily
remove grass and weeds
up against walls, fences,
trees and borders,
however, it can also
damage sensitive bark on
trees and bushes and
damage fence posts.
• Reduce the risk of
damaging plants by
shortening the cord to 10-
12 cm and reducing the
engine speed.
• The clearing technique
removes all unwanted
vegetation. Keep the
trimmer head just above
the ground and tilt it. Let
the end of the cord strike
the ground around trees,
posts, statues and the like.
NOTE! This technique
increases the wear on the
• The cord wears quicker
and must be fed forward
more often when working
against stones, brick,
concrete, metal fences,
etc. than when coming
into contact with trees
and wooden fences.
• When trimming and
clearing you should use
less than full throttle so
that the cord lasts longer
and to reduce the wear on
the trimmer head.
– English
• The trimmer is ideal to cut
grass that is difficult to
reach using a normal lawn
mower. Keep the cord
parallel to the ground when
cutting. Avoid pressing the
trimmer head against the
ground as this can ruin the
lawn and damage the tool.
• Do not allow the trimmer
head to constantly come
into contact with the
ground during normal
cutting procedures.
Constant contact can cause
damage and wear to the
trimmer head.
• The rotating cord's fanning
effect can be used for quick
and easy cleaning. Hold the
cord parallel to and above
the area to be swept and
move the trimmer from
side to side.
• When cutting and
sweeping you should use
full throttle to obtain the
best results.
Warning for thrown objects. Always wear
protective glasses. Never lean over the
guard. Stones, rubbish, etc. can be
thrown up into the eyes causing
blindness or serious injury.
Keep unauthorised persons at a distance.
Children, animals, onlookers and helpers
should be kept outside the safety zone of
15 m. Stop the machine immediately if
anyone approaches.


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