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General Safety Instructions - Husqvarna 101 90 47-26 142RB/152RB Operator's Manual

101 90 47-26 142rb/152rb operator's manual
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General safety instructions

• The machine is only designed for trimming grass
and brush cutting.
• The only accessories to be used with the engine unit
as a drive source are the cutting units we
recommend in the chapter "Technical data" .
• Never use the machine if you are tired, if you have
consumed alcohol, or if you are taking medicines
that can affect your sight, your judgement or the
control of your body.
• Use personal protective equipment. See the section
"Personal protective equipment".
• Never use a machine that has been modified so that
it no longer corresponds with the original design.
• Never use a machine that is faulty. Follow the
maintenance, control and service instructions in this
Operator's Manual. Some maintenance and service
actions should be carried out by trained and
qualified specialists. See the chapter "Maintenance" .
• All covers and guards must be fitted before starting
the machine. Check that the spark plug cap and HT
lead are not damaged, otherwise you could get an
electric shock.
• The machine operator shall ensure, while working,
that no persons or animals come closer than 15
metres. When several operators are working in the
same area the safety distance should be at least
double tree length, however, at least 15 metres.
Faulty cutting equipment or an incorrectly
sharpened blade increases the risk of
When the engine is started with the choke
in either the choke or start throttle positions
the cutting equipment starts to rotate
• The complete clutch cover
with shaft must be fitted
before the machine is
started, otherwise the
clutch can become loose
and cause personal injury.
• Never start the machine
indoors. Bear in mind the
dangers of inhaling the
engine's exhaust fumes.
• Observe your surroundings
and make sure that there is
no risk of people or
animals coming into
contact with the cutting
• Place the machine on the ground, ensure the cutting
equipment runs free of twigs and stones. Push the machine
body towards the ground using your left hand. (NOTE! Not
with your foot). Grip the starter handle with your right hand
and pull the starter cord.
Fuel safety
• Always use a fuel container
with an anti-spill valve.
• Never fill the machine
while the engine is
running. Always stop the
engine and let it cool for a
few minutes before
• Provide good ventilation
when filling or mixing fuel
(petrol and 2-stroke oil).
• Move the machine at least
3 m from the filling
position before starting.
• Never start the machine:
a) If you have spilt fuel on it.
Wipe up all spillage.
b)If you have spilt fuel on
yourself or your clothes.
Change your clothes.
c) If there is a fuel leak.
Make regular checks for
leakage from the fuel cap
and the fuel supply pipes.
Transport and storage
• Store and transport the machine and fuel so that any leakage
or fumes do not risk coming into contact with sparks or
naked flames. For example, electric machines, electric
motors, electrical switches/power switches, heaters or the
• When storing and transporting fuel approved containers
intended for this purpose must be used.
• When storing the machine for long periods the fuel tank
must be emptied. Contact your local petrol station to find
out how to dispose of excess fuel.
• Always keep the transport guard attached when transporting
and storing the machine.
Exercise great care when handling fuel.
Bear in mind the risk of fire, explosions and
inhaling fumes.
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