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Basic Clearing Techniques - Husqvarna 101 90 47-26 142RB/152RB Operator's Manual

101 90 47-26 142rb/152rb operator's manual
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Basic clearing techniques

• Always carry out clearing and trimming at full throttle.
• Always drop to idling speed after each working operation.
Longer periods running at full throttle without loading the
engine (that is without resistance, which the engine feels
from the cutting equipment when trimming) can lead to
serious engine damage.
• Brush cutting is a general
term for clearing grass.
Grass blades are used for
this purpose.
• Grass trimming is a
general term for light
clearing, e.g. around
edges or around trees. A
trimmer head or plastic
blade is used.
Sometimes grass can collect in the spray
guard and cutting head. Always stop the
engine when cleaning.
Brush cutting using a grass blade
• A blade is used for all types
of high or thick grass.
• The grass is cut down with
a sideways, swinging
movement, where the
movement from right-to-
left is the clearing stroke
and the movement from
left-to-right is the return
stroke. Let the blade work
on the left-hand side
(between 8 and 12
• If the blade is angled to the
left when clearing the grass
will collect in a line, which
makes collection easier,
e.g. when raking.
• Try to work rhythmically. Stand firmly with your feet apart.
Move forward after the return stroke and stand firmly again.
• Let the support cup rest lightly against the ground. It is used
to protect the blade from hitting the ground.
• Reduce the risk of material wrapping around the blade by
following these instructions:
Always work at full throttle.
Avoid the previously cut material during the return
• Stop the engine, loosen the harness and place the machine
on the ground before you start to collect the cut material.
Neither the user of the tool or anyone else
may attempt to remove the cut material
while the engine is running or with the blade
rotating as this can result in serious injury.
Stop the engine and blade before you
remove material that has wound around the
blade as otherwise there is a risk of injury.
The bevel gear unit can get hot during use
and may remain so for a while afterwards.
There is a risk of slight burns if you touch it.
Warning for thrown objects. Always wear
protective glasses. Never lean over the
guard. Stones, rubbish, etc. can be thrown
up into the eyes causing blindness or
serious injury.
Keep unauthorised persons at a distance.
Children, animals, onlookers and helpers
should be kept outside the safety zone of 15
m. Stop the machine immediately if anyone
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