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Angle Gear; Spark Plug; Filing The Grass Blade - Husqvarna 101 90 47-26 142RB/152RB Operator's Manual

101 90 47-26 142rb/152rb operator's manual
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Angle gear

The angle gear is filled with
a sufficient quantity of
grease at the factory.
However, before using the
machine you should check
that the angle gear is filled
to 3/4 with grease. Use
Husqvarna special grease.
Normally, the grease does
not need to be changed
except when the angle gear
is repaired.

Spark plug

The condition of the spark
plug is affected by:
• An incorrect carburettor
• An incorrect fuel mixture
(too much or faulty oil).
• A dirty air filter.
These factors cause deposits
on the spark plug electrode
that may result in malfunc-
tion or starting difficulties.
If the machine is low on power, difficult to start or runs
poorly while idling always check the spark plug first.
If the spark plug is dirty, clean it and at the same time check
that the electrode gap is 0,6–0,7 mm. The spark plug should
be changed after about one month of operation or earlier if
NOTE! Always use the recommended type of spark plug. An
incorrect spark plug can damage the cylinder/piston.

Filing the grass blade

• See the cutting
equipment's packaging
for correct filing
• The blades are sharpened
using a single cut flat file.
0,6-0,7 mm
• Sharpen all edges equally
to maintain the balance
of the blade.
Always stop the engine before starting
work on any part of the cutting equipment.
This continues to rotate even after the
throttle has been released. Ensure that the
cutting equipment has stopped completely
and remove the cable from the spark plug
before you start to work on it.
Always discard a blade that is bent,
twisted, cracked, shattered or damaged in
any other way. Never attempt to straighten
a twisted blade for use again. Only use
original blades of the prescribed type.
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