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Assembling Other Guards And Cutting Equipment; Assembling The Spray Guard; Assembling The Flexible Shaft; Connecting Throttle Cable And Stop Switch Wires - Husqvarna 101 90 47-26 142RB/152RB Operator's Manual

101 90 47-26 142rb/152rb operator's manual
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Assembling other guards and
cutting equipment
• Fit the guard (A) to the
gear housing using the
support plate (M) and two
screws (L).
• Fit the disc drive (B) on
the output axle.
• Turn the blade axle until
one of the disc drive's
holes aligns with the
corresponding hole in the
gear housing.
• Insert the locking pin (C)
into the hole to lock the
• Screw on the trimmer
head (H) in the direction
of rotation.
• Dismantling takes place in
the reverse order.

Assembling the spray guard

(Install the cord cutter and guard extension to the spray
1) Fasten the cord cutter
(A) to the spray guard
with two M5 x 25
screws, lock washers
and hex nuts as
2) Attach the guard
extension (B) to the
guard with the five
M5 x 25 screws,
washers and hex nuts
as shown.

Assembling the flexible shaft

1) Remove the screw and
insert the outer fitting
(with o-ring) into the
joint pipe (A), and
tighten the screw.
2) Insert the outer fitting
into the clutch case with
pulling up the pin (B).
Be sure pin returns to
original position by
spring and outer fitting
never comes off from
clutch case.
Connecting throttle cable and stop
switch wires
1) Insert the throttle cable
through the cable
adjuster sleeve on the
carburettor bracket.
Make sure the end of the
throttle cable housing is
seated positively in the
2) Position the slotted
fitting on the carburettor
so the recessed hole (A) is
away from the cable
adjuster sleeve.
3) Rotate the carburettor
throttle cam and slip the
throttle cable through
the slot in the slotted
fitting, making sure the
cable lug drops into the
recessed hole.
4) Operate the throttle
trigger a few times to
make sure that it works
5) Plug the stop switch
wires into the matching
connectors from the
engine. Note that wire
polarity is not important.
6) Bind the throttle cable
and the flexible shaft
with two bands (B).
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