Start Throttle Speed; Carburettor Settings - Husqvarna 241R Workshop Manual

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Fuel system

Carburettor settings

When testing the engine in connection with carburettor adjustment,
the clutch and clutch cover must be mounted together with the shaft
and angle gear under all circumstances
Otherwise there is a risk of the clutch becoming loose resulting in
serious personal injury.
The carburettor has the task of supplying a combustible fuel/air mixture to the cylinder.
The amount of this mixture is controlled by the throttle.
The mixture's composition of fuel and air is controlled by means of the adjustable "H"
and "L" needles.
The needles must be correctly adjusted in order for the engine to give maximum power
at different speeds, run steadily while idling and to react quickly when accelerating.
The setting of the carburettor can vary a little depending on the humidity, temperature
and air pressure.
L = Low speed needle
H = High speed needle
T = Idle adjustment screw
The fuel quantity in relation to the air fl ow permitted by the throttle opening is
adjusted by the L and H jets. Turning the needles clockwise gives a leaner fuel mixture
(less fuel) and turning them anticlockwise gives a richer fuel mixture (more fuel). A lea-
ner mixture gives higher revs while a richer mixture gives less revs.
The T-screw regulates the position of the throttle while the engine is idling. Turning
the screw clockwise gives a higher idling speed while turning it anticlockwise gives a
lower idling speed.

Start throttle speed

The start throttle speed can be adjusted
using screw (G)
Proceed as follows:
1. Start the engine and let it idle.
2. Press down the start throttle lock (C).
3. When the start throttle speed is too low
(below 4000 rpm), screw the adjuster
screw (G) clockwise until the cutting
equipment starts to rotate. Now screw
clockwise a further 1/2 turn.
4. When the start throttle speed is
too high, screw the adjuster screw
(G) anti-clockwise until the cutting
equipment stops. Now screw
clockwise a further 1/2 turn.



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