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Cooling System; Air Filter; Drive Shaft - Husqvarna 101 90 47-26 142RB/152RB Operator's Manual

101 90 47-26 142rb/152rb operator's manual
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Cooling system

To maintain as low an
operating temperature as
possible the engine is
equipped with a cooling
The cooling system consists
1. An air intake on the
starter unit.
2. Cooling fins on the
3. Cooling fins on the
4. Cylinder cover (leads cold
air onto the cylinder).
Clean the cooling system
using a brush at least once a
week, in difficult conditions
more often.
A dirty or blocked cooling
system leads to the engine
overheating resulting in
damage to the cylinder and

Air filter

The air filter should be
cleaned regularly removing
dust and dirt to avoid:
• carburettor malfunction
• starting problems
• reduced engine power
• unnecessary wear to
engine parts
• abnormal fuel
Clean the filter after every
25 hours or more regularly
if operating conditions are
exceptionally dusty.
Cleaning the air filter
Dismantle the air filter
cover and remove the air
filter. Wash in clean, warm
soapy water. Ensure that the
filter is dry before refitting.
An air filter used for a long
period of time can never be
cleaned completely. There-
fore it is necessary to replace
the filter from time to time
with a new filter. A dam-
aged air filter must always
be replaced.
– English

Drive shaft

The flexible drive shaft is lubricated with special grease. The
shaft must be lubricated at least every 25 working hours. A
tube of drive shaft grease is supplied with every machine.
NOTE! Do not use gearbox grease on the drive shaft.
• Lift up the locking button
that holds the drive shaft
sleeve in the clutch cover.
• Remove the clip that
holds the throttle cable on
the drive shaft.
• Pull the drive shaft sleeve
out of the clutch cover.
• Remove the drive shaft
from the sleeve either by
shaking it out or pulling it
out using pliers.
• Coat the surface of the
shaft with grease from the
tube. Spread it out using a
brush or rag.
• Slide the drive shaft back
into the sleeve. Make sure
the shaft engages correctly
by turning it and pushing
at the same time.
• When the shaft is
correctly installed in the
sleeve the end of the shaft
should project about 10
mm beyond the edge of
the sleeve.
• Rotate the shaft and push
it in at the same time.
• Install the drive shaft
sleeve in the clutch cover
so that the hole is
positioned directly
underneath the locking
button on the clutch


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