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Trimmer Head - Husqvarna 101 90 47-26 142RB/152RB Operator's Manual

101 90 47-26 142rb/152rb operator's manual
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Cutting equipment
The section describes how through correct
maintenance and through using the right type of
cutting equipment you can reduce the machine's
tendency to kickback, obtain maximum clearing
capacity and increase the service life of the cutting
Only use the cutting and guard equipment we
recommend! See chapter "Technical data".
Refer to the instructions for the cutting equipment
for the correct winding of cord and for the
selection of the right cord diameter.
Keep the blade's teeth well and correctly
sharpened! Follow our recommendations. Also
refer to the instructions on the blade packaging.
Incorrect cutting equipment or an
incorrectly sharpened blade increases
the risk of kickback.
Filing the grass
• See the cutting
equipment's packaging for
correct filing instructions.
• The blades are sharpened
using a single cut flat file.
• Sharpen all edges equally
to maintain the balance of
the blade.
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Trimmer head

• Only use a trimmer head
and trimmer cord that is
recommended. These
have been tested by the
manufacturer to suit a
particular engine size.
This is especially
important when a fully
automatic trimmer head
is used. Only use the
cutting equipment we
recommend! See chapter
"Technical data".
• Generally smaller machines require a small trimmer head
and vice versa. This is because when clearing using a cord
the engine must throw out the cord radially from the
trimmer head and also meet resistance from the grass being
• The length of the cord is also important. A longer cord
requires greater engine power than a shorter cord of the
same diameter.
• Make sure the knife positioned on the trimmer guard is
intact. This is used to cut the cord to the correct length.
• To increase the life of the cord it can be soaked in water for
a few days. This will make the line tougher and it will keep
Always ensure the trimmer cord is wound tightly
and evenly around the drum, otherwise harmful
vibrations will occur.
Always stop the engine before starting
work on any part of the cutting
equipment. This continues to rotate even
after the throttle has been released.
Ensure that the cutting equipment has
stopped completely and remove the cable
from the spark plug before you start to
work on it.


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