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Installation Instructions; Filter Location; Filter Preparation - Jandy CL340 Installation And Operation Manual

Pool filters. cl series
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3.1 Filter Location

1. Select a well-drained area, one that does not flood
when it rains. Damp, non-ventilated areas should be
2. Provide solid mounting for the filter and pump
system. Install system on a concrete slab or solid
concrete blocks to avoid risk of settlement. Do not use
sand to level the filter as the sand will wash away. Filter
systems can weigh up to 800 lbs.
3. Install electrical controls at least five (5) feet from the
filter. This will allow enough room to stand away from
the filter during start-up.
4. Allow sufficient clearance around the filter to permit
a visual inspection of the clamp ring (see Fig. 3).
5. Allow sufficient space above the filter to remove the
filter lid and filter element for cleaning and servicing.
6. Position the filter to safely direct water drainage.
Align the air release valve to safely direct purged air or
7. If the filter needs to be located above the water level
of the pool, it can be raised 2.5 ft. without affecting the
pump efficiency. A check valve is recommended on the
suction line to the pump
positioned filter or valve can create an electrical
hazard which can cause death, serious injury or
property damage.
Maintain your pressure gauge in good working
order. The pressure gauge is the primary
indicator of how the filter is operating.
Figure 3- Filter Location
SECTION 3. Installation Instructions
8. If the filter is to be installed below the water level of
the pool, isolation valves should be installed on both
the suction and return lines to prevent back flow of
pool water during any routine servicing that may be

3.2 Filter Preparation

1. Check carton for damage due to rough handling in
shipment. If carton or any filter components are
damaged, notify carrier immediately.
2. Carefully remove the accessory package and the
filter tank from the carton.
3. A visual inspection of all parts should be made
now. See parts list on page 12 and 13.
4. With the carton in an upright position, remove the
filter tank from the carton.
5. To mount the pressure gauge/air release assembly to
the top of the filter tank (located in the accessory bag):
a. Place the smaller, thicker o-ring onto the threads of
the tank adapter. Slide the tank adapter through the
coupling nut and into the filter tank. Use the flats on
the tank adapter to tighten. Do not overtighten.
b. Place the larger, thinner o-ring onto the gauge
housing. Thread the housing into the coupler on the
tank adapter.
c. Orient the gauge/air release assembly in the desired
position. Raise and thread the locknut onto the
bottom of the gauge/air release assembly. Hand
tighten the nut only. Using a wrench to tighten the
nut may damage the nut, gauge or air release
Figure 2- Pressure Gauge/Air Release Assembly
Tank Adapter
Tank Adapter to Housing



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