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Filter Installation - Jandy CL340 Installation And Operation Manual

Pool filters. cl series
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Figure 4- Basic Pool/Spa Combination Plumbing

Filter Installation

1. This filter operates under pressure. When clamped
properly and operated without air in the water system,
this filter will operate in a safe manner.
2. If doubt exists as to the pressure which the system
will be subjected to, install an ASME approved
automatic Pressure Relief Valve or Pressure Regulator in
the circulation system set to the lowest working
pressure of any of the components in the system.
3. Place the filter on the concrete pad, lined up with the
inlet/outlet pipes (see Fig. 4).
4. To reduce pressure losses, 2" (minimum) piping is
recommended for plumbing the system.
5. For best efficiency use the fewest possible number of
fittings. This will prevent a restriction in the water flow.
6. Make all plumbing connections in accordance with
local plumbing and building codes. Filter connections
are provided with an o-ring seal. To avoid damage to
the o-rings, use only a silicone base lubricant on the o-
rings. Do not use pipe joint compound, glue or solvent
on inlet/outlet union coupling nuts.
SECTION 3. Installation Instructions
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Spa Return
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7. Keep piping tight and free of leaks. Pump suction
leaks may cause air to be entrapped in filter tank
or loss of prime at the pump. Pump discharge line leaks
may show up as dampness or jets of water.
8. Support the inlet/outlet pipes independently to
prevent any undue strains on the filter valve.
9. Connect the pipes using the unions supplied with the
filter. Do not use teflon tape or pipe dope on any
unions. Assemble the unions dry and hand tighten.
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