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General Maintenance; Pressure Gauge; Cleaning The Filter; Winterizing - Jandy CL340 Installation And Operation Manual

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10. Using new cartridges or the clean original ones,
place the cartridges back into the filter tank. Be sure
that they are correctly seated on the cartridge support
on the bottom of the tank.
11. Inspect the o-ring at the top of the outlet tube for
cracks and wear marks. Replace if necessary.
12. Reinstall the manifold making sure that it fits
squarely over the cartridges and outlet tube.
13. Inspect the tank o-ring for cracks or wear marks.
Replace if necessary. Place the o-ring back onto the
filter bottom.
14. Place the filter lid onto the filter tank bottom.
15. Replace the tank clamp ring. See Section 3.4 for
clamp installation.
16. Start the pump by following the procedures
outlined in steps 2 through 7 of Section 4.1.
SECTION 6. Maintenance

General Maintenance

1. Wash outside of filter with a mild detergent and
water. Rinse off with a hose. Do not use solvents to
clean the filter, solvents will damage the plastic
components of the filter.
2. Check pressure during operation at least once a
3. Remove any debris from the skimmer basket and
hair/lint pot on pump.
4. Check pump and filter for any leaks. If any leaks
develop, turn off the pump and call a qualified pool
service technician.
5. Product safety signs or labels should be periodically
inspected and cleaned by the product user as necessary
to maintain good legibility for safe viewing distance.
6. Product safety signs or labels should be replaced by
the product user when a person with normal vision,
including corrected vision, is no longer able to read the
safety signs or label message panel text at a safe
viewing distance from the hazard. In cases where the
product has an extensive expected life or is exposed
to extreme conditions, the product user should contact
either the product manufacturer or some other source
to determine means for obtaining replacement signs or
7. Installation of new replacement safety signs or labels
should be in accordance with the sign or label
manufacturer's recommended procedure.
SECTION 5. Disassembly/Assembly
Maintain your pressure gauge in good working
order. The pressure gauge is the primary
indicator of how the filter is operating.
1. During operation of the filtration system, check the
pressure gauge/air release assembly for air or water
leaks at least once a week.
2. Keep the pressure gauge in good working order. If
you suspect a problem with the gauge, Jandy
recommends you call a qualified service technician to
do any work on the filter/pump system.
1. Follow the procedures outlined in steps 1 through 8
of Section 5.1 to expose the cartridge elements inside
the filter.
2. Remove cartridge elements and place them upright
in an area suitable for washing.
3. Use a garden hose and nozzle to wash each pleat of
each element.
NOTE: Algae, suntan oil, calcium and body oils can
form coatings on filter element which may not be
removed by normal hosing. To remove such materials,
soak the element in de-greaser and then a de-scaler.
Your local pool dealer will be able to recommend
suitable products.
4. Inspect each cartridge for holes, tears or excessively
worn pleats. Replace if necessary.
5. To reassemble the filter with the new or clean
cartridges follow the procedure outlined in steps 10
through 16 of Section 5A.
SECTION 7. Winterizing

7.1 Winterizing

1. Turn off the pump and circuit breakers.
2. Open air release valve on top of the filter.
3. Remove the drain plug at the base of the filter to
ensure that the tank is empty. Store the drain plug and
seal in a safe place. Do not reinstall until next season at
4. Drain system piping of all water.
5. Cover the system with a tarpaulin or plastic sheet to
protect it from the weather.

Pressure Gauge

Cleaning the Filter Cartridge



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