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Introduction; Description; General Requirements; Specifications And Dimensions - Jandy CL340 Installation And Operation Manual

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2.1 Introduction

This manual contains information for the proper
installation and operation of the Jandy® CL Series
Cartridge Filters. Procedures in this manual must be
followed exactly. To obtain additional copies of this
manual contact us at 707.776.8200 ext. 237. For
address information see back cover.

2.2 Description

Cartridge filters do not require sand or diatomaceous
earth as the filter medium. Instead, the filter contains
filter elements which are easily removed for cleaning or
Dirty water flows into the filter tank through the water
line connected to the lower bulkhead (inlet) on the
bottom half of the tank body. It is directed through the
filter cartridge inside of the filter. The debris is collected
in the filter and the clean water flows out of the filter
through the upper bulkhead (outlet) on the bottom half
of the tank body. Clean water is returned through the
piping system to the pool.
As debris collects in the filter, the pressure will rise and
water flow to the pool will diminish. The filter will
eventually become so plugged with debris that it will
be necessary to remove the filter cartridges and clean
them with soap and water.
Note that a filter removes dirt and other suspended
particles but does not sanitize the pool. Pool water
must be sanitized and chemically balanced for clear
water. The filtration system should be designed to meet
local health codes. At a minimum, the system should
turnover the total volume of water in your pool two to
four times in a 24 hour period.

2.3 General Requirements

1. For best overall performance place the system as
close to the pool as possible.
2. The filter should be located on a level concrete slab
so that the orientation of the valve outlets and the
pressure gauge are convenient and accessible for the
installation and operation of the unit.
3. Protect the filter from the weather.
4. If fitting a chlorinator and/or any other device into
the filtration plumbing circuit, great care must be
exercised to ensure that the appliance is installed in
accordance with the Manufacturer's Instructions and
any standards that may exist.
5. We recommend the use of barrel unions to connect
each component of the water conditioning system to
ease in future servicing. Barell unions are provided with
all Jandy filters.
SECTION 2. General Information
6. The maximum working pressure for this filter is 50
psi. Never subject the filter to pressure exceeding 50
psi, even when conducting hydrostatic pressure tests.
Pressures above 50 psi can cause the lid to be blown
When performing hydrostatic pressure tests or when
testing for external leaks of the completed filtration and
plumbing system, ensure that the maximum pressure
the filtration system is subjected to does not exceed
the maximum working pressure of any of the
components within the system.

2.4 Specifications and Dimensions

1. See Table 1 and Figure 1.
Table 1. Cartridge Filter Specifications
Model No.
Area (ft2)
Flow (gpm)
Six Hour
Capacity (gal.)
Max. Working
Pressure (psi)
Normal Start Up
Pressure (psi)
Dimension "A"
Figure 1- Dimensions, Jandy CL Series Cartridge Filters
CL 580



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