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Backup Data And Initialization - Yamaha Silent Piano SC2 Owner's Manual

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Backup data and initialization

 Backup data
The following settings, referred to as Backup data, are automatically saved to the internal memory of this unit.
The Backup data and the MIDI Song recorded to the internal memory will be maintained even if the power is
turned off.
• 37
• Touch Sensitivity 34
• Master Tune 34
• Metronome Volume 21
• Half Pedal 35
• Binaural on/ 37
• Auto Power Off on/off 38
• AUX IN Noise Gate on/ 38
• Audio Loop Back on/off 39
 Initializing the instrument
While holding down the C7 key, turn on the power by pressing the [P] (Standby/On) switch. This operation
will initialize the Backup data. The MIDI Song recorded to the internal memory will not be erased.
C7: Highest key
The [R/J] (Play/Stop) lamp flashes three times, and then all lamps will light as the data is cleared.
While Initializing
Flashes three times.
While the [R/J] (Play/Stop) lamp flashing (i.e., data is being initialized), never turn off the power. Doing so may
delete the MIDI Song recorded to the instrument, or corrupt the Backup data.
If this instrument somehow becomes disabled or malfunctions, turn off the power to the instrument, then perform the
initialization procedure.
SC2 Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

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