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Chapter 4 Connecting To Other Devices; Connecting To External Audio Devices ([Aux In] Jack) - Yamaha Silent Piano SC2 Owner's Manual

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Connecting to Other Devices
Before connecting the instrument to other electronic components, turn off the power to all the components. Also,
before turning any components on or off, set all volume levels to minimum (0). Otherwise, damage to the
components, electrical shock, or even permanent hearing loss may occur.

Connecting to external audio devices ([AUX IN] jack)

By connecting the [AUX IN] jack to other sound modules or playback devices (such as portable music players),
you can use the Silent Piano™ function together with the sound received from the connected devices.
Use audio cables and adaptor plugs having no (zero) resistance.
 Example of using the [AUX IN] jack
You can use the [VOLUME] control on this unit to simultaneously adjust the volume of its electronic sound
and the sound received through its [AUX IN] jack. To set a proper balance of the levels, adjust the output
volume on the connected device.
Control unit bottom panel
By default, this instrument uses a convenient Noise Gate effect to cut unwanted noise from the sound input via the [AUX IN]
jack. However, this may result in necessary sounds also being cut, such as the soft decay sound of a piano. To avoid this, set
the Noise Gate to off (page 38).
SC2 Owner's Manual
(stereo mini jack)
Audio cable
Other sound modules
Portable music player, etc.


Table of Contents

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