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Adjusting The Playback Tempo - Yamaha Silent Piano SC2 Owner's Manual

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Adjusting the playback tempo

You can change the tempo or speed during Song playback.
MIDI Songs (including Voice Demo Songs and Preset Songs)
The MIDI Song tempo can be adjusted in the same operation as the metronome tempo. Refer to "Adjusting the
tempo" (page 20).
• When the MIDI Song tempo is changed, the metronome tempo is also changed to the same tempo.
• For MIDI Songs having tempo changes in the middle of the Song, changing the tempo alters entire tempo relatively. For
example, in a Song that is set to a tempo of 100 at the start and changes midway during the Song to 120, changing the
starting tempo to 110 (10% faster) will result in a midway tempo of 132 (10% faster).
Audio Songs
The playback speed of an Audio Song in the USB flash drive can be adjusted by stretching or compressing it.
Compared to an original speed of 100%, it can be adjusted over the range of 75% – 125%.
During playback, while holding down the [Metronome] button, rotate the [VOICE/VALUE] control to adjust
the playback speed.
Pressing the [VOICE/VALUE] control while holding down the [Metronome] button lets you reset to the
original speed.
Pressing one of the A#0 – D1 keys while holding down the [Metronome] button lets you increase/decrease the
speed by 1% or 10%.
The Audio Song speed does not affect the metronome tempo.
A#0: -10%
B0: -1%
Lowest key (A-1)
C#1: +1%
D1: +10%
C1: 100% (default setting)
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Table of Contents

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