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Using The Metronome - Yamaha Silent Piano SC2 Owner's Manual

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Using the metronome

The unit features a built-in metronome that helps you to practice and play with accurate tempo.
Press the [Metronome] button to start the metronome.
While the metronome sounds, the [Metronome] lamp flashes in orange at the current tempo.
When a MIDI Song (page 23) is played back, the metronome plays according to the Song tempo and time signature.
Press the [Metronome] button again to stop the metronome.
 Selecting the time signature (Beat)
While holding down the [Metronome] button, press one of the C3 – F3 keys, to select the number of beats in a
measure. For values other than 0, the first beat is accented with a bell sound to signal the start of a measure.
Default setting: 0 (no 1st beat accent)
• One beat is equal to a quarter note on this unit. When playing a song written in non- quarter-note units, change the setting
accordingly (for example, when playing a song in 3/2 time, set Beat to 6).
• The metronome beat is automatically reset to the default value when the power is turned off.
 Voice confirmation of current tempo value (in English)
While holding down the [Metronome] button, press the lowest key (A-1).
C#3: 2
D#3: 4
C3: 0
F3: 6
D3: 3
E3: 5
Lowest key (A-1)
Highest key (C7)
SC2 Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

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