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Adjusting The Tempo - Yamaha Silent Piano SC2 Owner's Manual

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 Adjusting the tempo
The metronome tempo can be set from 5 to 500 beats per minute by one of the following methods.
The metronome tempo restores to its default setting when the power is turned off.
• To adjust by rotating the [VOICE/VALUE] control:
While holding down the [Metronome] button, rotate the [VOICE/VALUE] control.
When the Audio Song is being played back, this operation changes the playback speed (page 29). The metronome
tempo does not change.
• To specify a three-digit value:
While holding down the [Metronome] button, press the relevant C0 – A0 keys one by one in order. For
example to specify "95, " press the A0 (0), G#0 (9) and E0 (5) keys in order. A numeric value is read out in
English when a relevant key is pressed.
• To increase or decrease the value by 1 or 10:
While holding down the [Metronome] button, press one of the keys shown below.
• To reset the value to the default:
While holding down the [Metronome] button, press the C1 key.
SC2 Owner's Manual
Lowest key (A-1)
C0: 1
A#0: -10
Lowest key (A-1)
B0: -1
Lowest key (A-1)
G#0: 9
A0: 0
C#1: +1
D1: +10
C1: Default


Table of Contents

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