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Recording Your Performance To A Usb Flash Drive (Audio Recording); Playing Back An Audio Song Recorded To The Usb Flash Drive - Yamaha Silent Piano SC2 Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
Recording your performance to a USB flash drive (Audio
When a USB flash drive is connected to this unit, you can record up to 100 Audio Songs (max. 80 minutes per
Before using the USB flash drive, make sure to read "Connecting USB devices" on page 25.
Connect a USB flash drive to the USB [TO DEVICE] terminal at the front of the
control unit.
Record your performance.
The operation is the same as recording to internal memory. For details, refer to "Recording your
performance to internal memory (MIDI recording)" on page 22.
The recorded Audio Song will be named "USERAUDIO**.WAV" (**: 00 – 99) and saved in the "USER
FILES" folder in the USB flash drive.
The number in the file name increases each time you record, and when it reaches to "USERAUDIO99.WAV,"
the next recording overwrites "USERAUDIO99.WAV." To prevent your important data from being overwritten
and erased, copy the necessary data to a computer.
Even when vacant numbers (file name) exist in the USB flash drive by changing the file names or deleting files
on a computer, the recorded data is always named according to the largest number.
The audio input from external devices, such as a computer or a smart device (connected via the [AUX IN] jack, USB
[TO HOST] terminal or wireless LAN), can also be recorded. For connection with these devices, refer to page 30.
Playing back an Audio Song recorded to the USB flash
An Audio Song on USB flash drive can be played back on this instrument, but keep in mind that only the last-
recorded Song (largest numbered file name) can be played. If you want to play back other Songs, use another
audio device, such as a computer or portable music player.
Connect the USB flash drive containing the desired Audio Song to the USB [TO
DEVICE] terminal.
Press the [R/J] (Play/Stop) button to
start playback.
The [R/J] (Play/Stop) button lights up in
orange while playing back. Pressing the button
again stops playback.
When the Song comes to the end, playback stops
• For details on playback operations, refer to page 28.
• If you move the file outside of the "USER FILES" folder or change the file name to something other than
"USERAUDIO**.WAV" (**: 00 – 99), the Audio Song cannot be played back on this unit.
SC2 Owner's Manual
During playback
Lights up (orange)


Table of Contents

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