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Touch Sensitivity; Master Tune - Yamaha Silent Piano SC2 Owner's Manual

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 Operation Sound On/Off
Turns on or off the operation confirmation sound (click, "On, " "Off ") which sounds when a setup is changed
using a button and key combination.
Default setting: On
The metronome tempo value is read out (page 19) even when the operation sound is turned off.
 Touch Sensitivity
Determines how the sound responds to your playing strength.
• Fixed: No touch response. The volume level will be the same regardless of how hard you play the keys.
• Soft: Produces relatively high volume even with light playing strength.
• Soft/Medium: Produces high volume with moderate playing strength.
• Medium: Standard Touch Sensitivity.
• Medium/Hard: Requires moderately strong playing for high volume.
• Hard: Requires strong playing to produce high volume.
Default setting: Medium
 Master Tune
Fine tunes the pitch of the entire instrument. This lets you accurately match the keyboard pitch to that of other
instruments or music on a portable music player.
To raise the pitch:
While holding down the [Func.] button,
press the [R/J] (Play/Stop) button.
SC2 Owner's Manual
To lower the pitch:
While holding down the [Func.] button,
press the [Rec] button.
A#-1: On
A-1 (Lowest key): Off
To restore default pitch:
While holding down the [Func.] button,
press the [Rec] and [R/J] (Play/Stop)
buttons simultaneously.
A#6: Medium
G#6: Soft
G6: Fixed
A6: Soft/Medium
B6: Medium/Hard
C7 (Highest key): Hard


Table of Contents

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