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Using Headphones - Yamaha Silent Piano SC2 Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
Auto Power Off function
To prevent unnecessary power consumption, this unit features an Auto Power Off function that
automatically turns the power off if the instrument is not operated for 30 minutes.
When the instrument is communicating with other devices, the power will not be turned off automatically. Make
sure to turn off the power by pressing the [P] (Standby/On) switch when the instrument is not in use.
Disabling Auto Power Off
Turn the power on while holding down the lowest key (A-1).
After a brief time, the [Rec] lamp flashes three times and the
unit starts up with the Auto Power Off function disabled.
To turn the Auto Power Off function on or off while the
power is on, refer to page 38.

Using headphones

Connect a pair of headphones to the [PHONES] jack. Since this
instrument is equipped with two [PHONES] jacks, you can
connect two pairs of headphones. If you are using only one pair,
insert the plug into either of these jacks.
Even when listening through headphones, you can enjoy
exceptionally realistic, natural sound by Yamaha's advanced
technologies, Binaural Sampling and Stereophonic Optimizer.
For details, refer to page 18.
• Do not use the headphones for a long period of time at a high or
uncomfortable volume level, since this can cause permanent hearing loss.
• Be careful not to catch your foot on the headphone cord.
Do not pull the cord of the headphones or apply excessive force on the plug. This can damage the headphones and
result in sound degradation.
Using an external speaker
The [PHONES] jack can also be used for external output. By connecting a powered speaker to the
[PHONES] jack, you can output the sound from this instrument to an external speaker and let other
people hear it.
To avoid possible damage to the devices, first turn on the power to the instrument, then to the external device.
When turning off the power, first turn off the power to the external device, then to the instrument.
 Attaching the headphone hanger
Attach the headphone hanger to the bottom of the control
unit with the supplied two screws.
Do not hang anything other than the headphones on the
hanger. Otherwise, the instrument or the hanger may be
Lowest key (A-1)
Phone plug
(stereo mini)
Phillips-head (+) screwdriver
SC2 Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

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