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Playing Back The Midi Song Recorded To Internal Memory - Yamaha Silent Piano SC2 Owner's Manual

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Play the keyboard or press the [R/J] (Play/
Stop) button to start recording.
The [R/J] (Play/Stop) lamp stops flashing and lights
If the [Rec] lamp flashes in red while or after recording, it
indicates the internal memory capacity has become full and all or the part of the data will not be saved.
Press the [R/J] (Play/Stop) button or
the [Rec] button to stop recording.
The [R/J] (Play/Stop), [Metronome] and
[Func.] lamps light up in orange in sequence and
the performance data will be saved. All lamps
light in white when saving of the data is
Do not turn the power off until all lamps light up in white as this may corrupt the data or damage internal memory.

Playing back the MIDI Song recorded to internal memory

The MIDI Song recorded to the internal memory cannot be played back when a USB flash drive is connected
to the unit. Make sure to disconnect the USB flash drive in advance.
Press the [R/J] (Play/Stop) button to
start playback.
The [R/J] (Play/Stop) button lights up in
orange while playing back. Pressing the button
again stops playback.
When the Song comes to the end, playback stops
• For details on playback operations, refer to page 28.
• If there is no Song recorded to internal memory, no MIDI Song is played back when the [R/J] button is pressed.
Lights up
While saving
Light up in sequence
During playback
Lights up (orange)
Lights up
SC2 Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

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